Fail - Win the Weight Loss Battle at FearlessFatLoss.comAll the way back in 2008 I wrote a lengthy article detailing 5 Reasons that The Sprinkle Diet (aka Sensa) Would Not Work.

In this article I stated the REAL truth of the matter: There is NO miracle for weight loss! In the end, the ONLY thing that works is a lifestyle change.

This means that you must get to the Root and heal the WHY you ever started abusing food in the first place. No food diet or sprinkle, powder, cleanse, or cream in the world can ever solve that for you. And actually, it’s not supposed to.

FTC Wins Settlement Against Sensa (Sprinkle Diet) and More Fad Weight Loss Claims

Today it was announced on Reuters that the U.S. Government has won settlements against four fad diet miracle weight loss products and companies for their claims of weight loss success in their materials. Read the full article on Reuters here.

From the article, the FTC “The settlements required them to drop unsubstantiated claims from their ads and, in some cases, return money to consumers.” The settlements were with:

  • L’Occitane, Inc.
  • Sensa Products LLC
  • HCG Diet Direct LLC
  • LeanSpa LLC

I cannot tell you how many people I have spoken with personally who have used Sensa and done the HCG diet and never achieved permanent weight loss (or any weight loss for that matter). But the problem the FTC has is that these products are claiming results that are not true.

You know what’s funny? I had a woman email me in December, 2012 after reading my article about Sensa (The Sprinkle Diet) to tell me the following, which she gave me permission to share publicly (I apologize it took me so long to share this but today’s update from Reuters reminded me of it!):

Dear JoLynn,

Thanks for your savy remarks. I was contacted about being in an ad for Sensa as a model. Of course, I have never taken the product and have always been 120 pounds. There is no before nor after in my life. They wanted to use me as an “aspirational” figure — someone people wanted to look like and, of course, I was flattered. However, after reading about it, here and elsewhere, I would not not do it no matter how much money they offered.

The sad thing is that people are making money on it and it is being sold on television like crazy — it’s on television right this very moment — they are saying how safe it is and how the ingredients are “those found on grocery store shelves!” Those are not groceries I would ever buy! They believe these ingredients cut the appetite — so do a happy, balanced, physically healthy life! Thanks for your good work!

All best,

Pat R.


This should not surprise you, especially if you read another old article of mine from 2007 The Secret of Before-and-After Weight Loss Ad Photos which outlines the fact that most of those bikini ad before and after photos are of athletes. These are athletes who had an injury, gained a little fat, and then once they recovered they could get back to their active and fit lifestyle (!!).

Magical Weight Loss Doesn’t Exist

There is no magic here. Magical weight loss Does Not Exist. However, once you address what is 90% of your struggle today (your mindset) THEN weight loss FEELS magical, just because it becomes so easy.

Because once you get a weight loss mindset (I’m speaking of the work I do with my clients in The Inner Self Diet, core transformation, not just surface positive thinking) then DOING the healthy lifestyle feels very easy. Because you Become healthy and fit On The Inside First and then it’s very easy to DO the healthy things on the outside.

This means that you LIVE healthy and fit to drop the fat and keep it off. It does NOT mean that you can continue to emotionally eat, binge eat, stuff yourself, fear food, worry about what others think of your body, sabotage yourself, and beat yourself up mentally and emotionally.

The good news is that you don’t do any of those unhealthy things to yourself once you get a core, solid, weight loss mindset. Once you have the weight loss mindset it’s easy to choose the salad over the pasta. It’s easy to eat only when hungry, instead of eating for boredom. You no longer compulsively overeat.

This is a lifestyle and my clients learn how to feed their mind before feeding their body. It’s a way of life and it makes weight loss and weight maintenance very very easy to do. No Food diet, diet pill, diet shake, quickie cleanse, or even weight loss surgery can do this for you.

There is no such thing as magical weight loss and if you’re waiting for it then you’ll be waiting a lifetime.

I’m glad to hear that the FTC is doing good for people and cracking down on these quickie fix weight loss cures that feed into your desire for a magical pill. The very best (and only) magical pill you can ever take though, is The Red Pill (ever seen The Matrix?). The blue pill is the pill of delusion, waiting for your “prince” to come (aka, a miracle weight loss method). The red pill is the Get Real Pill. It’s the pill of personal empowerment. It’s the pill of FREEDOM from that endless struggle with food and your weight.

If You Are Serious About Ending YOUR Struggles with Food and Your Weight

The red pill is the END of your emotional eating, binge eating, last supper eating, yo-yo dieting, compulsive overeating and New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight (yep, those don’t work either because you cannot force yourself to be something on the outside that you are not on the inside).

How do you take the red pill? You do the proven steps of The Inner Self Diet which always works!

Your first step is to apply for a complimentary weight loss discovery session so that I can find out if or how I can help you! Click here to apply now and get excited about leaving all of those magical weight loss claims behind you (along with your endless food and weight struggles!)!

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