ColaToday on Oprah Dr. Oz, an author of one of my favorite books, YOU On A Diet, stated that based on research, the entire obesity epidemic came down to taking in an excess of just 100 calories per day. His solution (and homework for the audience) is for you to eliminate soft drinks from your diet.

First off, I want to say that I really like Dr. Oz. I love YOU On A Diet and I think that he gives out some excellent information in his books and on Oprah. With that being said, I disagree with the simplified solution that by cutting out 100 calories a day that this will cure the obesity epidemic.

You see, this solution has nothing to do with emotional eating or food addiction. While I 100% agree with eliminating soft drinks (I rarely drink any and if I do I drink Diet Rite – no sugar, no sodium, but even that I can do without) because they are full of sugar or artificial sweeteners, along with a bunch of other gunk. They increase your cravings for more sweets, and they contain 0 nutrients for the body.

However, if I were to only cut out soft drinks but continue to eat sugar and flour, or even eat mainly healthy foods but not use portion control or exercise my body, then I’d still be overeating, especially on the sugared foods.

Now it could be that Dr. Oz has more tips for Oprah’s audience in the coming weeks (it sounds like he’ll be on more often, giving homework assignments regularly), but even so, I disagree that people are obese because of only 100 extra calories per day. Again, the mental and emotional aspect that drives many people to overeat isn’t being addressed in the solution of cutting back 100 calories a day, and I still believe that the greater percentage of weight and food issues take place in the mind and emotions.

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Also, I definitely still believe that food addiction is a real issue (the chemical reactions the human body has to certain ingredients such as sugar and white flour), which just reinforces the fact that weight loss, weight maintenance, and food issues are complex.

There is so much more that goes into creating a healthy lifestyle so that you can lose weight and have a healthy relationship with food, a substance that is meant to be fuel for the body. Sure, you can still enjoy what you eat (I do!), but when you’re eating to make yourself feel better, because of fear, loneliness, anger, love, happiness, depression, or any other reason besides physical hunger, then you’re not going to get far when you attempt to sweep all of those issues under the rug with a diet or calorie counting.

That’s what I think, what about you? Do you agree with Dr. Oz that the obesity epidemic can be cured if every overweight person cuts out 100 calories per day? Or, have you gone through your own weight loss (and gain) issues for so long that you know you’ve got to address those driving forces within you that are motivating you to overeat? Do you think that by simply cutting out 100 calories a day can solve the complex problem of obesity longterm?

Cut 100 Calories a Day and Solve The Obesity Epidemic?