I have a very short post for you today because tomorrow I’ll be bringing you an unusual 2 posts in one day.

Yep, that’s right, one post that introduces the series that I’ll be bringing you each Wednesday, as well as the first installment in that series.

This will be another experiment in self-growth that I’ll be doing on myself to share the results with you each Wednesday, like my most recent 12-week experiment in healing my emotional eating with Shrink Yourself.

Tune in This Friday!

This Friday I’ll be a guest of one of my blogger friends Michelle Vandepas on her internet radio, the Michelle and Kim Show. They start their live broadcast each Friday at 2pm EST and I’ll be a guest on their show for about 15 minutes or so starting at 2:30.

It’s a show for women that addresses the question, “what do women really want?”. During my segment we’ll be talking about the topic of weight loss and exercise and if you would like to call in live you can call 1-866-535-0840. They also replay the show on Planetary Streams so you can listen in the future if you miss the live call.

This is the first time I’ve done this, should be a fun time!

A Couple More Things…

I was interviewed about blogging at Fearless Fat Loss by Trisha (she actually interviewed a bunch of women who blog about health and fitness) and in that interview, Trisha asked me what I thought the #1 obstacle is that keeps women from leading a healthy lifestyle. Sure, we are the only ones who can hold ourselves back, but there’s something else that I was thinking of when I answered her question, check it out!

If You’re a Mom Running a Home Based Business…

And here’s one more thing you can check out – I wrote a guest post for a series that Yvonne Russell did and in that post I offer 7 tips to help home based business moms stay fit (and sane!). If you can relate be sure to check out my guest post.

Stay tuned for my new experiment series tomorrow. I think it will really help you out, that is if you have stress and anxiety in your life like I do. 😉