Become A Number One Winner at FearlessFatLoss.comCaleb Johnson became the New American Idol in 2014 and there’s a lot that he can teach you about successful weight loss.

Oh! No, this article has nothing to do with his personal weight. Not at all.

Instead, this is about the topics of a) Action and, b) Persistence and c) Belief.

You see, Caleb Johnson tried out for American Idol two previous times before getting on season 13, and ending up winning the whole thing!

This means that Caleb went for his dream THREE TIMES. Now we must take into account that he does have talent (meaning that there are people who have tried out more than once but they lack the talent), but there are others who have had talent, who tried out and didn’t make it, and never came back.

Caleb originally auditioned during season 10, and then again for season 11, but it was season 13 where he ended up actually getting onto the live show, and then he even won!

It’s important to note that during all of that time, he was practicing, he was taking action, he was improving his skills and his performance.

3 Things The New American Idol Caleb Johnson Can Teach You About Successful Weight Loss

Now let’s take a look at what Caleb can teach YOU about successful weight loss.

1.) You will never win at the game of weight loss if you give up! Yes! It’s not ever going to happen!

Would Caleb have won American Idol if he had given up after his first audition for season 10?

But you know how easy it is to give up. Perhaps you do it every week, or every day! Here’s how it goes: You eat well up until lunch and then you Give Up because you’re already tired of healthy food. What are the Results you end up with at the end of the year from doing this to yourself?

Or, you eat healthy and even exercise….for 3 days…until Thursday comes and you tell yourself “It’s pretty much the weekend! I’ll just “hang out” for a few days and start again on Monday!”. You gave up again. Only to “try again” on Monday.

What are the Results you create for yourself by giving up every day, or every week? Especially when you do such damage to yourself each Sunday night with Last Supper Eating.

2.) You must persist. Since you cannot give up on yourself, you must persist with consistent action.

How would Caleb Johnson have ever won American Idol if he had not persisted all those years with continued voice lessons, practices, and performances? What Results would he have today if he had chosen to quit rather than persist?

Yes, I know it can be very hard to keep going, especially when you’ve experienced so many failures, along with wins (it’s called yo-yo dieting). I can also tell you that it does not have to be so hard. In fact, the journey of weight loss can be very easy, IF you do the work to get a weight loss mindset.

Your mindset is on the Inside of You and your Mindset is what determines the body you see on the outside! As long as you have a fat mindset, then you will have fat on your body. It’s that simple.

It’s also a simple fact that once you have a fit, slender, sexy mindset, a weight loss mindset, that then you will have that body on the outside!

The inner and the outer always match. Always. This is Universal Law, law that none of us can change. Whether you believe in it or not, it’s still there, just like gravity is still there. You can try to fight gravity every day, but what Results will you get? How much fun would that be?

3.) You must transform on the inside if you desire to have permanent success on the outside.

One of the reasons I like American Idol is because you can see the progressive transformation the contestants go through on the outside as their belief on the inside grows.

You can also see those who falter and fade because their belief fades on the inside.

The Results you are living today with your body and in your life Match Your Inner Self. If you do not like your results then sure, you need to take physical action, but the physical action will be very very difficult to sustain (or even start!) if you do not have your Inner Self matched up with what you want on the outside!

You see, it does not matter how much talent, information, or skill you have. What matters is what you Believe about Yourself and especially, what you expect to receive for yourself. What you believe you deserve to receive.

You can collect diet and exercise information for the rest of your life but as long as you have a fat mindset, your body must carry excess fat. Get a weight loss mindset and then it’s a different story, which is why my exclusive coaching clients in The Inner Self Diet continue to achieve struggle-free permanent weight loss!

Just imagine, if Caleb Johnson did not believe that he could become the American Idol, then how in the world could he have won? He wouldn’t have even tried out!

What do YOU need to do in order to become your own American Idol of your body?

If You Want To Lose Weight Now And Keep It Off

The quickest and easiest way to get a weight loss mindset (so that weight loss becomes fun, struggle-free, and lasts!) is to follow the same steps that others have already followed before you. This is the way to achieve the success with your weight that you have never achieved on your own. The way to end the yo-yo dieting, binge eating, and endless struggle. It must be an inside-out job. There is no other way to go about it…IF you want it to last.

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