If you follow me on Twitter you’ve heard me tweet numerous times on Sundays about how much fun I was having listening to the Lighten Up with Richard Simmons show on Sirius Stars while cooking up my healthy meals for the coming week. It works for me to cook in bulk on the weekends, which is how I stay prepared and fully planned, and all of the motivation and inspiration that Richard Simmons has to offer on Sirius Satellite is simply fabulous.

No More Richard Simmons on Sirius!

Well I love my Sirius satellite radio, which includes the option to listen to Sirius online – it totally rocks and I would recommend it to anyone. At the same time I think they made a huge mistake – Richard Simmons has been a staple on Sundays on the Sirius Stars channel for 3 years now and I couldn’t figure out what was going on when I tuned in the past few weeks and heard……no Richard!!

I didn’t know why his show wasn’t on so I emailed Sirius on October 12 and asked them what was up – I never got a response from them. Then I wrote to Richard Simmons’ help desk a couple days ago and heard back from Linda, Richard’s customer service manager in less than 24 hours with the bad news – Sirius had cancelled Richard’s Lighten Up show!

Like I said I do love Sirius, it totally rocks, but hey I’ve gotta say that they really messed up by canceling Richard Simmons. He offers heartfelt, sincere weight loss motivation and support to millions of people out there who need it, many of whom I’m sure subscribed to Sirius just for that reason!

Help Bring Richard Back to Sirius

Wanna help bring Richard Simmons back to Sirius Satellite? Even if you aren’t a Sirius subscriber if you could just send a quick email to Sirius asking them to put Richard Simmons back on the air you could be helping millions of people out there who were relying on that weekly motivational boost.

Think about how you could be helping people you may never even meet lose weight and get healthy – isn’t that a good feeling?  And you know that everything that you put out to the Universe comes back to you twofold, so when you put out good and loving actions and thoughts to other people good stuff comes back to you, that’s simply how it works.

Here’s what you can do: email Sirius at genfeedback |at| sirius-radio dot com and say “Bring Back Richard Simmons!”

It would be so cool if you would do this and if you’re a blogger go ahead and write a post about this on your blog and spread the word. Remember how many people who are out there in the world who were relying on Richard Simmons’ Lighten Up Show each Sunday on Sirius to give them a boost and help them get through the coming week and stay on track with their weight loss and fitness goals. Think of how many people you are inadvertently helping by sending a simple email to Sirius. Let’s see what we can do with this!