You Are Where You Are and That’s OK – Abraham-Hicks

I love this affirmation from Abraham-Hicks because it is true -you are where you are because that’s where you are, and that’s ok! It’s when you fight against where you are and try to make it be “not ok” that you run into trouble. I mean, if you were having fun and enjoying the process of weight loss and living your life to the fullest now instead of waiting until d-day (when you get to your goal weight), then why would there even be a fight against where you are right now?

Your NOW – Heard this Before?

I know, you’ve heard me say this a lot lately – that your point of power is in your present moment and that all you have is NOW. Well they say that you always teach that which you most need to learn and this is something that I’ve been focused on staying in myself: my present moment. Your life is now just like my life is now and it’s so much more fun and enjoyable to relax and enjoy the ride instead of suspending yourself “in wait” for that big day when the scale reads “…” and then your life begins.

I can tell ya that it doesn’t work like that – who you are now is who you will be whether you weigh what you do now or get to your goal weight. Well….that’s not exactly true because if you are working on your inner fitness at the same time you are working on your outer fitness then you stand to be an improved version of yourself by the time you reach your goal weight, and this is a very good thing!

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You Are Where You Are

The point of today’s post however is that where you are at is where you are at and the more you can make peace with yourself as you are right now the more fun you will have on your weight loss journey.

So I’ve been saying this in similar forms in previous posts, the reason being that it’s a cornerstone of making lasting change whether that’s in regards to your weight or any other area of your life. You can only start from where you are at now and you can only live in the space, in the body that you are in now.

Why put off your happiness for a future time and place when you have the option to accept that you are where you are and that’s ok? You can still work towards what you want (a slender, fit, healthy body) but you can choose happiness now by being ok with where you are today.

You Are Where You Are and That’s OK