Ever since I first put up the poll asking you which topic you’d most like to have in an Ebook “How to Get and Stay Motivated” has been in the lead and now it’s an all-out winner.

Tied for second are 4 other topics including the topics of sugar addiction and emotional eating.

You can check out the full results below:


Thank you very much for voting, I’ve already started jotting down ideas for an Ebook on weight loss motivation and now I have another question for you – what is your biggest motivation sapper or actually, what are your top 2 motivation sappers? Are you depressed, do you think you don’t have time for health and fitness, do you think that whatever you do won’t work, or have you almost given up?

I’m not planning on centering my Ebook on only one issue regarding weight loss and fitness motivation but if you give me some responses that are repeated then I’ll be sure to give you more than one motivational tip in that area. By giving you these polls, I’m ensuring that I’m giving you what you really want and need the most. 😉

The poll is in the top of the sidebar to the right of this post and you can pick up to 2 responses. If nothing strikes a chord for you please leave me a comment or contact me with your suggestions.

Thank you in advance for your input, and I’ll be working on the Ebook while the poll is still active.