When the topic of weight loss motivation comes up there are really 2 different areas of weight loss motivation that we could be discussing – the motivation you need to get started with your lifestyle changes and the motivation you need to keep you going during the tough times.

It’s possible that the same motivator that gets you to act in the first place to make those healthy lifestyle changes will be the same motivator that keeps you going throughout the entire process and also keeps you motivated to maintain your weight loss. If that’s the case then you’ve got a super strong motivation and you’re in really good shape; you’ll likely have a very easy time staying the course and making your new lifestyle a natural habit for yourself.

On the other hand if you often find that you don’t have a problem “getting started” (and maybe you’ve “started” more than once) but your challenge lies in staying motivated then you do not have a strong enough core motivation to see you through the ups and downs.

So my question for you today is: Which area of weight loss motivation gives you the most trouble? Or, are you so motivated that you don’t have any challenge at all and you have continued your healthy motivation all the way to your goal and beyond, keeping that weight off and maintaining your healthy lifestyle commitment?

I’d like to hear your feedback so go on ahead and vote in the poll below. And if these answers don’t fit you then just tick “other” and leave a comment on this post, thanks!

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Weight Loss Motivation – Which Area is the Most Challenging?