Weight Loss Motivation at FearlessFatLoss.comHere’s something very simple and easy to not only ask yourself but also to act upon today: What can you do to make today different when it comes to achieving your weight loss and fitness goals?

If you’ve been struggling with staying motivated to work out or make healthy food choices, remember that if you keep taking the same actions that you’ll keep getting the same results. So how can you make today different? Here are just a few possible actions you can take today to make it different, to get motivated to lose weight, and change up your perspective on healthy living and weight loss:

  • Walk for 5 more minutes than you normally do – If you’re currently sedentary then walk just 5 minutes non-stop today. If you’re already walking 15 minutes a day then up it to 20. This simple action will be most beneficial if you aren’t getting in any daily exercise and you start doing only 5 minutes – action creates more action!


  • Watch your thoughts – Monitor your thoughts today and become aware of just how negative or positive they are. Many of the thoughts you think and the thought patterns you have are habits and if your thinking is mainly negative then you’ve got a bad habit on your hands! Awareness is the first step towards change so today just become aware of what exactly you spend your time thinking about.


  • Turn off the TV – Instead of watching 1/2 hour of TV tonight turn it off and write in your journal or on a notepad about exactly how you feel about the current state of your health and fitness. Become aware of either how much it bothers you, how excited you are about your progress, or how apathetic you are about the topic. Figure out if you’re really in it to win or if you’re only saying that you want to lose weight and shape up because you think that’s what you’re “supposed” to do.


These are just 3 possible ways to make today different and each one can impact your weight loss motivation and focus. They can give you a different perspective on where you are today and help you see what your next action step needs to be.

What’s important is that you pick one and do it today. By following through and doing something different today you’ll get out of your regular routine and shake things up a bit, which is just what you need if you’ve been losing your motivation to lose weight.

Achieve Freedom From the Struggle

It’s possible for you to achieve full freedom from your ongoing struggles with food and your weight, so that weight loss becomes easy (and fun!). When you do this from the inside out, you’re guaranteed to succeed. Why is this? Because your problems with a lack of weight loss motivation and the struggles with your overeating and overweight are all Inner Self problems. The root of them are all hooked up on the Inside of YOU. This is why no diet have solved your ongoing food and weight problems (and no diet has given you lasting motivation!).

If you are serious about making weight loss the easiest it’s ever been so you can stop asking yourself “Why am I so smart and successful but I can’t lose weight?!” then click here and apply for a complimentary weight loss discovery session. It’s your first step towards freedom from the struggle and the endless search for weight loss motivation (yay!).


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