Are you struggling with weight loss motivation? Do you keep telling yourself that you want to lose weight but you don’t take action?

Last week I shared with you that by doing the exercises in my Loving Yourself Thin series, I gained some motivation to get back on a healthy track with my personal weight loss and fitness goals. Well there’s something else that I’ve been doing that has helped me immensely: for the past three Sunday afternoon’s, I’ve been tuning in Lighten Up with Richard Simmons on Sirius Satellite Radio. Up until now I’ve actually never been a follower of Richard Simmons, and I haven’t used any of his weight loss programs (although I ordered one in the past), but I’ve got to say that I am loving his shows each Sunday.

Richard is very compassionate with the people who call in (or who he calls) for help and motivation, and at the same time, he is very real with them. It’s not unusual for him to call someone out saying, “you really don’t want to lose weight, do you?” Every time he has asked someone this, the response that I’ve heard so far is, “no, I guess that I really don’t”. On the other hand, there are many people he talks to that truly do want lose weight and are ready to get moving, get the weight off, and get healthy.

I really like that while being very loving and compassionate, Richard Simmons gets real with his callers, stressing how important it is to put yourself and your health first, to love yourself, and to lose weight for your health.

If you’re looking for some weight loss motivation, you can listen to Richard on the Sirius Stars station from:

  • 12pm – 12am EST each Sunday
  • 12pm – 3pm EST you will hear a rebroadcast of the previous week’s show,
  • 3pm – 6pm EST is the live show
  • 6pm – 12am EST – rebroadcasts.

If you don’t have Sirius yet, you can purchase a radio here, or you can sign up for a free 3-day online subscription trial (you could sign up on Saturday or Sunday to make sure you can listen to the Lighten Up show during your trial period). They have an online only membership that you can purchase and you do get the Sirius Stars station online (the channel Richard Simmons is on), but you do not get all of the Sirius stations online.

Besides Richard’s show, there is a whole slew of excellent programming on Sirius. I’ve owned a Starmate for almost 2 years, which automatically includes an online membership, and I just love it. You have a large selection of ad-free music channels, in addition to the talk, news, weather, entertainment, and sports channels (and more). I also bought a home kit to go with my radio, so I can listen in my car, at home using my radio, or online anywhere.

If you already listen to Lighten Up with Richard Simmons, or if you end up listening this Sunday, I’d love to hear if you gain some motivation for your weight loss, health, and fitness goals from his show. I’ll be listening again next Sunday!