Just a quick question for the weekend: Are you having fun with your health and fitness regime? What about your weight loss journey, is that fun? If it’s not fun then why are you doing it?!

If It’s Not Fun, Why Do It?

Have you heard it said that  “there are lots of things you must do that you don’t like doing”? Is most of your life like that? Do the actions you take to lose weight (planning, cooking, exercising, etc.) seem like a drag or do you enjoy them?

Sure, there may be things in your life that you don’t like doing but here’s a question – what can you do to make them enjoyable? What can you bring into your experience to make it fun? (music maybe? just a thought…)

Life is meant to feel good – it’s meant to be abundant, fun, and joyous and when it comes to weight loss that can be fun, too! An easy way to have fun during your weight loss journey is with exercise – don’t you feel so much better after a good workout? And the food that you eat – how do you feel after eating whole, live foods that taste good compared with how you feel after eating dead, low/no energy junk foods? Which brings more joy to you and your body? Which gives you more life energy?

How Can You Have Fun Losing Weight?

So this is a question you can ask yourself and see what you come up with: how can you have fun losing weight? What can you do to have fun during the process and celebrate the journey? After all, when you think about it your life doesn’t begin after you get to your goal weight, your life is already happening right now. So why not have fun and enjoy the ride? It’s not about getting to an end destination, it’s about enjoying the journey.