LazyWhat do you do when you have absolutely no motivation to eat healthy and exercise?

What • do • you • do?

First off, do you ever feel like this? No? Well then I need to talk to you. 🙂

Sure, I think that all of us have those days when we just don’t care, we just don’t feel like making those healthy choices, we just don’t want to get out for that walk or pick up those weights. I’m having one of those days myself and I’m sure I’ll have another one in the future.

Well you know what? This is no problem if you feel like this every once in awhile – we all have our ups and downs. It’s only a problem when that one day snowballs into another day, 4 days, a week, a month, and beyond. Then before you know it, you’re at New Year’s Eve and once again saying, “this will be the year I get in shape and get fit”.

So how can you make sure that you don’t get into that spiral of day after day, saying that tomorrow (or next Monday) will be different? Well there are a couple of things you can do to get yourself back on track and the simplest one is to get moving. That’s right, get moving.

Get Walking

If there’s one thing that can spur you into action, it’s taking action, no matter how small it is. I know that can be hard to do, but you just have to put one foot in front of the other and get moving. Get out of the house and walk around the block. Or, go to the mall and walk it for 10 minutes without stopping. Another option is you can turn on one of those fitness shows on the TV and start moving with that. Just do something to get your body moving.

It’s better if you can sustain your movement for 30 minutes and really get those endorphins flowing, but if you’re not there yet then that’s no problem. I guarantee that you’ll notice a shift in your emotions and attitude even if you only walk to the corner and back (and be sure to give yourself credit for whatever it is that you accomplish).

What If Walking Hurts?

If you spend most of your time sitting because it hurts when you walk, then what you can do is lift your hands up in the air and push to the sky with your arms. Do this 10 times, do it for 5 minutes, just get the blood flowing.

Another excellent option is Richard Simmons’ workout video that you do in your chair – Sit Tight. The momentum of movement will get you energized and will create more motivation to move again. That motivation to move will spill over into your motivation to feed your body healthy foods, and before you know it you’ll be out of that zero motivation slump and in an upward spiral towards better health and fitness.

What About You?

Do you have some special techniques that you use on yourself to get yourself motivated when you don’t want to move? Or, have you tried my suggestion and had success? Tell us all about it in a comment – what you share just might motivate someone else to get out of their motivation slump today! 🙂