Today is the 4th of August and guess what – we’ve got only 5 months until January 1st, can you believe it!?

I’m bringing this up to encourage you to take advantage of today and get moving on your weight loss and fitness goals.

If you haven’t been taking much action lately you might be feeling several negative emotions about yourself. You coud be feeling:

  • Guilty
  • Frustrated
  • Angry
  • Fed up
  • Out of control
  • Unmotivated
  • Stuck

If this is how you’re feeling I can certainly understand because I’ve been there before but here’s the thing – all of that negativity isn’t going to help you move forward.

Your Choice

It’s your choice what you want to do today, whether you choose to move forward and take healthy actions today, tomorrow, and the next day to get on the road to creating a complete and healthy lifestyle for yourself or if you choose to keep taking the same unhealthy actions; either way it’s your choice. Of course I recommend that you get moving and treat yourself with kindness and healthy action, which will make you feel even better!

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No matter what you do though, whether you choose to move towards your goals or not, I suggest that you choose to love yourself anyway. I strongly recommend that you let go of those negative thoughts and stop beating yourself up mentally if you’re not taking healthy action. At the same time however I’ll share with you what I’ve learned:

It’s really hard to stay positive when you’re eating crap!

Yep, that’s what I said and based on my experience, that’s what I’ve learned. Does this mean that you cannot feel awesome about yourself if you’re filling up on the processed foods filled with sugar, white flour, MSG, and various other additives and sweeteners? No, your thoughts are your own and your thoughts are what affect your emotions, but you know what else? The chemicals you put into your body also affect your emotions.

So while I really do suggest that you don’t get too down on yourself if you’re not ready to take healthy action and create a whole, healthy lifestyle to get fit before 2009, it’s a whole lot easier to stay in a positive frame of mind when you’re feeding your body clean, healthy food; that’s just how it is.

Take Action Now – Don’t Wait Until New Year’s!

The proverbial ball is in your court and you always have the option to take action now instead of waiting until “tomorrow”, which seems to never come. Think of how far along you could be by the time 2009 is here and write down your goals. After you write down where you’re headed, then take action.

It won’t get any easier if you continue to put it off and there’s always no better time than the present to gain a healthier lifestyle. Why not go for it now and get a move on to get fit before 2009? I know you can do it.

Get Fit Before 2009 – It’s Time to Move!