Links at Fearless Fat LossHere are some fit and interesting tid bits from around the blogosphere for your reading pleasure.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, perspiration, or an alternative to diet sodas, I’ve got ya covered – enjoy!

Want Some Inspiration?

Becky over at Finding Flabuless (who is also one of my Twitter pals) has put together a superb video of pictures of her weight loss progress. Here’s a hint – to date she’s already lost 105 pounds!

She shared in one of our Twitter chats that she now has so much more energy (she used to pant in dressing rooms while trying on clothes) and she’s feeling great. She also tweeted that she is getting fit for herself, not for anyone else, and that she is practicing self-love while at the same time taking action to shape up.

Check out her video below and be sure to check out her post where she shares her starting weight and her goal weight – rock on Becky! 🙂

[youtube 0Xfz9r6Ff1k]

Soda Sweetened with Stevia!

Here’s something that sounds promising – a carbonated drink sweetened with Stevia! I cannot give you a review of it because I haven’t tasted it but eventually… (it’s not sold in my area). I learned about this from Heidi at Health Nut Wanna Be Mom when she posted about Zevia – it’s the first I’ve heard of it and it sounds a heck of a lot better than going for a Diet Coke sweetened with Aspartame.

Oh, I wish I could give you my opinion but in the future after I’ve tasted it I will. In the meantime though, I just want to let you know that there is progress in the world of processed food, and we now have the option of a soda that does not contain refined sugar, Splenda, Aspartame, or some other artificial sweetener.

The only reservation I have about it is it does contain a sugar alcohol – Erythritol. If you remember my experiment with banning all refined sugar, this included a ban on sugar alcohols. The reason was because the “sugarless” gum that I’d been chewing contained sugar alcohols and they triggered my sugar addiction.

If you aren’t addicted to sugar like I am though, then I’d say give Zevia a try. You can check out their site and see if it’s available in your area and if it’s not you could order a 6-pack paying only shipping and handling (as of today they offer this option). I’ll also give you my experience with it when I try it. If it doesn’t trigger my sugar addiction that would be awesome.

Bathing Suit Time = Buns Workouts Galore!

Here’s a fit bit from Kimberly who blogs at Living The Fit Life – she has put together a list of 5 videos that she suggests for tightening up your backside. I don’t know how you’re doing in this area but if you’re like me, your glutes are an area that you work out regularly.

I tried each workout except for #5, the walking lunge. You see I’m not really great at lunges and it could be that I’m just not strong enough to do them without hurting myself (afraid of hurting my knees – I need ’em for skiing). Kimberly though, is a competitive body builder (yeah!) as well as being a personal trainer and I have a feeling these exercises are a piece of cake for her. 😉

Here’s my favorite one – it’s also the one that I “felt” the most.

[youtube y8UxJXIG2SU]

Be sure to check out Kimberly’s post for links to all 5 videos and if you’re in Northern Virginia, then also check out her boot camp – now that’s a workout!