30 DaysOk, get ready and hang onto your hat (or your treadmill!) because for the next 30 days in a row I’m going to be posting all sorts of good stuff related to fitness for body, mind, and spirit here at Fearless Fat Loss.

Yep, that’s right – no matter the length of the post (some may be short, especially on the weekends and holidays) for the next 30 days straight I’ll be giving you something to think about and act upon to help you stay consciously fit during this holiday season.

Inspired Action = Fit Action and Lots o Fun!

Lately I’ve been inspired to share my thoughts on Twitter where I can put out short 140 character tweets about fitness for body, mind, and spirit and if you’re already following me then you’ve been reading my fun tweets. I just love Twitter because it is so much fun and my motto is: If It’s Not Fun, then Why Do It? 

My aim is to live in joy and have fun in this moment instead of waiting to be happy when I reach destination XYZ. Hmm, maybe you could relate this same way of thinking to your weight loss journey… instead of thinking that you’ll be happy once you lose weight?? 

So I’ve been having so much fun on Twitter that I’ve gotten inspired to give a little more than 140 characters to ya over the next 30 days here at Fearless Fat Loss because I totally understand that this time of year can be a challenge for many of you. It’s advertised as being the happiest time of year but some folks just don’t feel that way. There’s also the “hurry hurry rush rush” that you could buy into (and eat over!) if you don’t know how to handle your stress in a healthy manner.

Therefore, to keep this holiday season focused on healthy fun for you I have a whole list of post topics to bring you – I’ll be answering more reader questions that have either been emailed to me or left in the comments section, some book reviews that I’ve been wanting to write, some updates on what I’ve been up to related to my site/ebook/newsletter and the poll answers you’ve given me, any updates on telecalls I’ll be doing, along with many other thoughts that I’ve got brewing and anything else that pops up.

And if you have a particular challenge during this holiday season, perhaps a challenge with staying focused on fitness, focused on believing in yourself and on sticking to your healthy habits then be sure to leave a comment below and maybe I’ll answer your question in a post!

Tweet Me, Friend Me, Connect!

If you would like another way of staying focused on healthy fun during the holiday sesaon you can get my short bursts of inspiration, positive & fit thoughts, and just plain fun twittering by following me on Twitter – I’ll for sure still be hanging out there even though I’ll be bringing you 30 days of posts here at The Fit Shack.

Also if you’re on Facebook I invite you to connect with me there. I’m having so much fun connecting with a multitude of positive-thinking, fit-minded folks and if you want to be in the same type of healthy fun atmosphere then come on and join in with me on Twitter and Facebook!

Final Thought for the Day

So stick around to see just what I come up over the next 30 days and remember this:

While we head into yet another holiday season, if you think you can stay healthy and fit and stick to your healthy weight loss plan during this time of year then you can.

However, if you think that, “it’s too hard”, that “you always gain weight during the holidays”, and that you “might as well wait until January 1st” to make changes in your lifestyle, then that will be your result!

It’s all about what you think, believe, and focus on, and if you’re new to Fearless Fat Loss (welcome!) this is what it’s is all about around here – getting healthy and fit from the inside out – fitness for your body, mind, and spirit.

Photo by duncan

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