Writing PadIf you’ve been a long time, smart reader of Fearless Fat Loss you might have noticed that I took a couple days off from posting last week. If you didn’t notice then that’s cool but if you did, normally I post Mon – Fri for your reading enjoyment to inspire you to take fit action in your life. After all, everything comes down to action, doesn’t it?

Right, which brings me to today’s topic – how blogging and weight loss are similar. Don’t think they are? Well if you aren’t a blogger, or more specifically if you aren’t a blogger who is also working towards weight loss goals then you might not see the correlation, but this is where I come in my friend – yes, I shall enlighten you on just how similar they are. 😉

3 Ways that Blogging is Like Weight Loss

1. You’ve got to stay motivated – When it comes to losing weight and incorporating a full, healthy, and complete lifestyle, you’ve got to have motivation behind it. You see, when you get in the trenches of everyday life, “it ain’t always going to be easy”. There will be times when you feel tempted to chuck the whole thing and wander off into fast food land to get a bloated belly and revel in sugar highs.

If you only do that once in a great while that’s one thing but if you allow your motivation to sink so low that you stay in that space, then you’re in trouble. This is why you’ve got to know your motivation for getting fit for life.

In blogging you also need to have clear and consistent motivation – motivation to write, to communicate, to share your thoughts, and to keep on writing!

If you are genuinely trying to help others by sharing your knowledge, research, and personal experiences, then this can be a very strong motivation. No matter what your motivation is to share your thoughts on your blog though, you’ve got to know what they are because there will be times in everyday life when you won’t feel like writing and if you stay in that space, you just might lose all motivation to continue.

One thing that many don’t think about when it comes to motivation is that action will give you more motivation. So, if you don’t feel motivated, take action to feel more motivation – this works in blogging, exercise, and healthy eating as well as any other area of life where you are striving to get motivated.

2. You must have written goals – You can say over and over again that you want to lose 50 pounds in the next 6 months but if you don’t have that in writing then there’s a very good chance you won’t reach it. Putting your goals down on paper, physically writing them down makes them real and gets your subconscious in the game to help you begin moving towards them.

This is such a simple act yet only 4% of the population ever writes down their goals. The act of putting pen to paper helps you get clear on what you want and how you are going to get there. When you can see an “end” in sight (it never really ends but you know what I mean) you will be able to start visualizing where you are going.

Of course this works in blogging, too. It’s not enough to know what’s motivating you to blog because if you truly want to create a successful blog you’ll need some long range written goals. Get them down on paper, know where you’re going and how you’re going to get there and you will, as long as you have a plan…

3. You must have a plan – Not only do you need to be motivated and have written goals in order to achieve either your weight loss or blogging goals, you must have a plan for getting there. Are you looking for the quick and easy route? Well I can tell you right now that in either weight loss or blogging there is no quick fix. Both take time and persistence if you’re looking for quality results.

If you are going for health and fitness like I am then you’ll need a healthy eating and exercise plan. You’ll need to know how to eat for maximum fat loss results, how to exercise, and how often. You’ll need to change your thoughts and get connected to your spiritual nature in order to fully integrate a healthy lifestyle. You’ll need a complete lifestyle makeover if you are truly ready to achieve your highest potential in life – nope, I’m not only talking about weight loss or getting “skinny” here. Instead this is about achieving a fully incorporated healthy lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle in body, mind, and spirit.

The same thing goes for building a successful blog – you’ll need a plan that will get you where you want to go and while your blogging “learning list” will be longer than your weight loss learning list, part of your plan will also include fitting blogging into your lifestyle. You’ll also learn that your mind will be either your biggest help or your biggest sabateur when it comes to blogging – the same is true of weight loss. Get your mind on your side and you’ll have an easy time of staying motivated, following through with your plan, and achieving your goals.

There are many other qualities that are shared across the board when it comes to both weight loss and blogging:

All in all, I think you can see how the two overlap and in fact how you can see just how many life skills come into play when it comes to weight loss. The same skills that you would use to solve other life issues, you use to achieve your vision of a healthy, fit, and strong body.

What’s All This About?

These are simply some thoughts that came up for me over the past few days. For almost 18 months I’ve been blogging steadily here at Fearless Fat Loss and I got into just a little bit of a lag over the past week or so. I was feeling a bit of writer’s block, my motivaton to write began to lag, and I’ve been feeling the pressure of keeping up with everything and the things I’ve gotten behind on (mainly responding to comments and emails).

What begins to happen is if you let all of your backlogged tasks pile up you may begin to start avoiding the whole project – that’s how I’ve been feeling! Well how many times have you done that with your health and weight? Have you ever avoided weighing yourself because you knew you weren’t taking the actions that you knew you should be?

I was doing the same thing with my blogging tasks, which led to this post today. In the end you’ve got to just get back into the game of action because if you continue to avoid your weight issues they won’t just go away – same thing with blogging. If you’re feeling writer’s block, write about what’s on your mind and relate it to your blog’s topic – that’s what I did today. 😉


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