Why doesn't dieting work for me?Do you often ask yourself “Why doesn’t dieting work for me”?

Or maybe when you’re feeling even more frustrated you ask, “How the hell do I lose weight?!”, which is more to the point!

And believe me, I understand your frustration, especially since you are a very smart, accomplished woman (or a cool man!) except for this ongoing, annoying struggle with your weight!

Just imagine…how would it feel to finally have a body that matches your otherwise successful life?!

Why Doesn’t Dieting Work for Me?

There are numerous reasons that dieting doesn’t work for you but for the sake of brevity in this one article let’s look at the top three reasons dieting cannot work for you.

First, you Must get a weight loss mindset. It’s your Mindset that drives everything in your life, not only your weight! However when it comes to your weight, the thing is that it’s so easy for the entire world to see that you’re struggling! It just shows up all over your body (hard to hide!).

Really, that is the #1 reason that dieting does not work for you, providing you are speaking of a healthy, sane eating plan – not some crazy fad or sprinkle that does nothing to teach you healthy lifestyle behaviors.

The thing is though, is if you do not have a weight loss mindset then you are unable to follow through consistently with said healthy eating plan. And if you don’t DO the steps then how can you ever expect to get the results?

So, the second reason that dieting does not work for you is because you aren’t working it, which goes back to the foundation of your mindset. When you have an F.A.T. Mindset that is a mindset that is in alignment with an overweight, feel-bad body. F.A.T. on the mind creates fat on the body!

“An F.A.T. Mindset is filled with Fear Attracting Thoughts. Release the F.A.T. and replace it with a weight loss mindset and you’ll finally make weight loss easy for yourself!” ~ JoLynn Braley The F.A.T. Release Coach

Part of getting a weight loss mindset involves healing the root that created your overweight body. This is a third reason that dieting does not work for you: because you’ve never healed the root of your ongoing food and weight struggles!

Why is this such an important step? Because it’s not the food that is the problem, it’s YOU! More specifically, it’s what you DO with the food.

But why do you overeat? That’s all hidden in the root of your consistent struggles with food and your weight. For example, what if you have a very big challenge with asking for what you want in life? Sure, you might not get the answer you want from the person you ask, but if you don’t have the confidence to 1) identify what you want and then 2) ask for it, then how often do you turn to food because your lack of confidence makes you feel bad?

So you overeat in an attempt to feel better, but it never really works, does it. The most frustrating thing is that you’re probably already aware that you use food to attempt to feel better! But even that awareness doesn’t help you, and none of those diets help because you cannot follow through.

All of these struggles can be traced back to your Mindset and when you have a weight loss mindset then the root that has been keeping you overweight is healed and you are able to move forward with consistent healthy action without struggle or self-sabotage.

Imagine how that would feel! To finally be able to follow your chosen healthy diet and be able to say “My diet worked”!

It’s very easy to lose weight once you have the mindset to match. To get a weight loss mindset in the least amount of time possible simply do what others have already done before you!

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Fact: Mindset is 90% of your Success (or failure!). Diet and exercise are only 10% of the game.