Green apple biteIf you’ve been reading the inspiring weight loss success stories from my permanent weight loss coaching clients then you already know that your MINDSET is 90% of achieving lasting success with your weight.

Conversely, your MINDSET is 90% of your current ongoing failure to lose weight (and keep it off)!

But what about losing weight with another mainstream food diet? Is it possible? Why can’t you lose weight by dieting alone?

FACT: Of course you can lose weight on a diet! But is that what you want?? Here’s exactly what I am asking:

Are you excited about doing another eat-this eat-that diet to lose weight, only to stop because “something happens” and then regain all the weight you just lost?

Do you feel fantastic about a future filled with hours spent daily and weekly, combing the Internet in search of the latest celebrity diet tips? Diet tips that you collect but they never give you permanent success with your weight?

Do you feel good about yourself that you are still on the roller coaster of up and down struggles with your weight?

This is what a mainstream food diet gives you. And if that is how you want to lose weight, only to regain it over and over again, then sure, you can lose weight by dieting alone! But know this FACT: You will never achieve the inner peace, the release from the struggle, and the lack of fear of weight gain that my clients have.

Why is that? Because a lonely little food diet cannot give you that inner peace. It is not supposed to give you permanent weight loss! It’s only a tool to help you release fat from your body. The problem is that you cannot DO it to lose the weight in the first place and then keep the fat off if you have never solved the 90% of your problem: Your MINDSET.

Why Can’t I Lose Weight by Dieting Alone?

There’s a reason you’re even looking for another diet to lose weight. If you had never had an issue with your Mindset then you would not have gained weight in the first place! Instead you would be living your life just like a naturally slender person does.

Your Mindset is 90% of why you are still struggling with your weight. And no, positive thinking is not enough. How many times have you tried that? Or affirmations?

A true and honest weight loss mindset goes deep to the heart of the matter and is built on healing the root of your lifelong food and weight struggles. It’s an Inner Self Shift that you must achieve.

A mainstream food diet cannot give you that, nor should it. Therefore, it’s of no use to “hate the diet” that you’ve done either. It’s not the fault of Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig that you’ve failed with your weight. Those diets work for those who work them. They do them consistently.

The only way you can be consistent though is with the right mindset. A full and complete weight loss mindset

Beware! In order to achieve full success that lasts your weight loss mindset MUST work with the laws of this Universe. Leaving them out only will give you a temporary solution to a life long problem…

Take a Baby Step towards a Weight Loss Mindset!

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