What Exactly IS F.A.T.? Do YOU Have Any?Since I am The F.A.T. Release Coach it’s a good idea to cover exactly what F.A.T. is to provide clarity, as it could be assumed that F.A.T. is something other than it is!

You might have already wondered yourself, “What Exactly Is F.A.T.?” and assumed that F.A.T. is regular old physical fat on the body.

Or perhaps you would wonder if F.A.T. does stand for something else. Perhaps it is an acronym I use and F.A.T. does stand for something other than physical body fat?

These are all great questions and I’m happy to answer them for you!

What Exactly Is F.A.T.?

F.A.T. = Fear Attracting Thoughts


Delving further, if you are familiar with The Law of Attraction, Abraham-Hicks, and/or the Emotional Vibrational Scale, then you know that the very lowest vibration of energy you can choose for yourself is the vibration of FEAR.

You would also already know that one (of many!) of the Universal Laws that ALL of us live under is The Inner and The Outer Always Match.

Universal Laws cannot be changed but what you CAN do is learn exactly how to work with them to easily achieve your dream of weight loss that lasts – permanent weight loss.

Therefore, since The Inner and The Outer Always Match, it’s very easy to see if you have F.A.T. on your Inside by what you have manifested on the outside! Specifically, on your body, and even in your life. All of which begins with your Inner Self and your Mindset – therefore A Weight Loss Mindset does not operate on fear attracting thoughts. (F.A.T. makes it almost impossible to achieve permanent weight loss)

In case you are still not clear though, let’s look at how you can tell whether or not you have F.A.T. (Fear Attracting Thoughts) on your inside in your Inner Self, which is of course the only place where F.A.T. can live – in Your Inner Self.

Do YOU Have F.A.T. On the Inside? Here’s How To Tell:

How to tell if you have any F.A.T. (Fear Attracting Thoughts) on the Inside:

You know you have F.A.T. on the Inside of YOU (in your Inner Self) if you have excess physical fat on your body that you do not like. It’s that simple!

On the other hand, if you have excess physical fat on your body that you are happy with, then that’s a different story. But if that were the case then why are you spending your time reading about the benefits of A Weight Loss Mindset from a permanent weight loss expert and coach? That’s a great question to ask yourself!

What is exciting is that once you release your F.A.T. by creating A Weight Loss Mindset through a proven, step-by-step System, then it’s easy to drop the fat and keep it off. To drop the physical fat that is!

Wow, what would it feel like if YOU could easily live a healthy lifestyle just because The New YOU you’d become would choose to? No struggle, no forcing yourself, no willpower required!

Would it feel like a Diet if you transformed into a New YOU who naturally and easily chose to live healthy and fit? Or, wouldn’t it be simply your way of life? Just like you breathe in and out now without struggle.

That is just one of the Results you receive once you learn exactly how to release your F.A.T. and replace it with A Weight Loss Mindset. Once that is accomplished then it’s simple to live a healthy lifestyle. A Weight Loss Mindset that replaces the F.A.T. makes weight loss easy.

How Does A Weight Loss Mindset (the opposite of having F.A.T. on the inside!) Make Weight Loss So Easy?

That’s a great question and you can click the following link to read how a weight loss mindset make weight loss super easy for you! And what’s important NOW is that you already know that you F.A.T. on the Inside (How do I know? Because you’re still reading!) and as long as you keep the F.A.T. on the inside, you will keep the fat on the outside. Sure, you could drop a few pounds but as you have already experienced over and over again, you gain them back plus more.

There is no need to keep living with a F.A.T. mindset when you could get on the immediate track to A Weight Loss Mindset and finally make weight loss easy for yourself. The truth is that It’s All A Choice. If YOU choose to learn exactly how to replace your F.A.T. with a Weight Loss Mindset through a step-by-step proven System that has already worked for others then take the next step now!

Your next step is to click here to read the feedback from the inspiring permanent weight loss coaching clients I’ve worked with. Read about how they used to struggle and now they do not. Then if YOU want those same results and are Serious about creating A Weight Loss Mindset in the least amount of time possible then simply follow the instructions on that page to move forward!

F.A.T. Is A Choice – A Mindset Choice

There is no reason you must keep F.A.T. in your mind and have a Fat Mindset…unless you choose to.

Yes – It Is A Choice, and if previously your choice was unconscious it is now a conscious choice you make to keep the F.A.T. (Fear Attracting Thoughts) for you now know too much.

It’s very simple truth and there’s no reason to sugar coat it. That would only serve to keep you stuck in Excuses and Tomorrowland.

YOU are the one who gets to make all of your decisions for your body and your life and YOU are the only one who can choose a different Result.

How do you get different Results? By Doing something specific that is proven to work and is Different. You already know what results to expect from your F.A.T. mindset. If you want the Results that accompany A Weight Loss Mindset then you must first do the specific steps to create A Weight Loss Mindset.

If you are serious about releasing ALL that has been blocking you from achieving permanent weight loss (For example, your self-sabotage, lack of motivation, inconsistency, emotional eating, food obsessions, sugar addiction, binge eating, etc. etc.), if you would love to stop asking yourself, “How can I be so smart and successful yet STILL be struggling with my weight?!” then here’s your first step towards freedom:

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