Success or Failure sign

A solid weight loss mindset points you towards success while the opposite gives you the results of failure.

Have you been thinking that you had a weight loss mindset but you’re still struggling with your weight?

Perhaps you’ve been following me for years, reading about the inspiring weight loss success of my clients, and you’ve been trying to “hack together” a weight loss mindset all by yourself… but it’s just not working.

Well there are very real reasons why your mindset isn’t giving you struggle-free weight loss, even if you thought you had a weight loss mindset. Let’s take a look at them now!

Why Your Weight Loss Mindset Is Not Working

One reason your weight loss mindset is not working is because you really don’t have a weight loss mindset. Yes, it’s that simple!

But how can you know for certain that you don’t? Here’s how: Just look at your results! Your results never lie.

Therefore, if you are:

  • Still struggling.
  • Still sabotaging yourself.
  • You don’t like what you see in the mirror.
  • You don’t feel good about YOU.
  • You tell others “I feel great!” when inside you know that’s not true….

These are results of an F.A.T. Mindset attempting to pose as a weight loss mindset, and in the end results don’t lie and struggle-free weight loss easily flows from a weight loss mindset.

So how did you get into the pickle you’re in? You’ve either tried the DIY approach, thinking that you could somehow someway replicate the unique and specific proven steps of a trained professional, or you’ve picked up a book or a CD somewhere  else and those steps did not work for you.

Either way, it really doesn’t matter what you’ve done in an attempt to try to “do it all yourself”, because all that matters are the results you are getting. If you like your results then keep doing what you’re doing. If you don’t like them then you’ve got a choice to make: either keep doing what’s not working or do something radically different.

While it’s common today for so many to try to “do it all alone” it’s also interesting, and here’s why: If your transmission went out in your car would you try to “do it yourself” to save money?

Would you even know where to start?

But when it comes to the most valuable piece of machinery you own, your own Mind and your Body, you are willing to DIY it even though you don’t know how. You do this because you think you’ll save money, correct? And how much time does it save you?

How much time would you waste by trying to fix the transmission in your car all by yourself? How would you get around town, or to your work place? How would you get to the grocery store? How long would you be willing to struggle in order to save money while you spent all of that time in struggle?

How is it any different when it comes to your lifelong struggles with food and your weight? Yet you’re willing to attempt to DIY your mindset when it’s still not working…

Some powerful feedback I hear consistently from my clients is “This work is so different, I never would have guessed that this was what we would be doing”, which is great!

You must do something different to get different results.

What results do you want to live in your Body and your Mind in the New Year? How much longer are you willing to struggle without a solid weight loss mindset? A mindset that would make weight loss super easy for you!

A First Step

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