Focus On the FUN Instead of the Food at FearlessFatLoss.comHave you ever considered just how much FUN you are creating and allowing in your life?

OR, is your Fun in life all about the FOOD?

One of the symptoms of an F.A.T. Mindset (a fat mindset) is the fact that most or all of your Fun in life is derived from the food that you choose to eat.

Your Fun is the sugar high, the full feeling in your stomach, or the rebellion you are seeking unconsciously whenever you stuff yourself with anything and everything you can find.

I understand what it’s like to have Food be your Fun. I know all about it because I’ve been there before, too! The Good News is that you don’t have to stay there.

Is Your LIFE Fun or is FOOD Your Fun?

Here is another glaring sign that you are using Food as your Fun in life: The holidays! Any holiday for that matter. And specifically, the sign is that you are not excited about the holiday itself and the people in your life. Instead, your top question is always, “What are we going to EAT??” It’s always about the FOOD for you and without the Food, you know that you might not even GO to that holiday celebration!

Right now here in the States, it’s Memorial Day weekend. It’s the beginning of bikini season and it’s a time of fun for some who get together with their family and do some Fun Activities. But for others, it’s all about getting together to Sit and EAT. It’s all about the FOOD. The food is the Main Focus of the get together.

Now of course, if you don’t have any struggles with your weight, if you are living IN your dream body (instead of just dreaming about it…), then having your focus on “What Food are we eating?” is not really such a big deal. You are one who eats only when you are physically hungry, you enjoy what you eat, and you always stop eating when you are physically full.

But that’s not you. How do you know? You’re reading this article! Naturally slender people are out and about Right Now creating more FUN in their lives. They have no need to read an article about FOOD being your main source of fun in your life.

Good News

The Good News about this is that if you want to change your life so that you can change your body, it all starts with your Mind. The hard way to go about it is to try to force yourself to do another diet. That’s what most do and it’s why 95% of dieters fail.

The easy way is to get a weight loss mindset, shift your mind from an F.A.T. Mindset (a mindset grounded in Fear Attracting Thoughts), and replace that mindset with a weight loss mindset. A person with a core, solid, weight loss mindset (this goes beyond surface positive thinking) consciously creates Fun for themselves in their life, which means that they know they deserve to have Fun! Healthy fun, fun that is not focused on Food.

This does not mean that food is not enjoyed. It means that food is no longer the number one priority in your life! It means that FOOD is not your source of FUN.

A weight loss mindset is the way to go if you want to create the Life you’ve always wanted, while living IN the body you’ve always wanted. A life that actually includes Fun Stuff, a life that is living IN the body of your dreams, and a life that feels Good to you…while feeling Good in your own skin.

If you’d love to have this outcome then your first step is to apply for a complimentary weight loss discovery session. This is for you if you’d love to stop asking yourself, “Why am I so smart and successful but I still can’t lose weight and Keep It Off?!”

Just imagine… if you could. If you really could lose weight, keep it off, AND put Fun into your life, while releasing the focus on the food as your Fun. Click here to take your first step.

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