Mindset Gear Shift

Get a Weight Loss Mindset and Finally Make Weight Loss Easy for Yourself!

So you already know that it’s not the fault of your diet or exercise program that you’re still overweight. You know that it’s your mindset.

Perhaps you’ve been following me for years now on Twitter, Facebook, here on my site that used to be called The Fit Shack (today it’s Fearless Fat Loss!) or on my other site Stop Hiding Behind The Fat.

In reading everything I’ve been writing, and especially the case studies of my inspiring clients who have lost hundreds of pounds without struggle (Yay for them!!) it’s very clear to you that your MINDSET is the problem.

You are now seeing that Yes, it’s True! 90% of your Success with your weight (or your failure!) lies in your Mindset. Only 10% has to do with diet & exercise.

Ten Percent!! That’s nothing, is it. Yet that measly 10% is what the majority focus upon: diet and exercise.

What is so interesting is that it’s your Mindset that stops you from taking consistent action with all of that healthy diet and exercise information you’ve collected all these years.

FACT: Weight Loss Is Super Easy. But you must DO the steps involved in living a healthy lifestyle in order to get the outcome of the fit, healthy, sexy body you crave!

It’s your MINDSET that stops you from taking those steps consistently so that you can then see the results. Get a Weight Loss Mindset and you’ll finally make weight loss easy for yourself!

Is It Hard to Get a Weight Loss Mindset?

Yes! It can be very hard to get a weight loss mindset when you are trying to do it all on your own, piecing together whatever you might guess could help without having a solid, proven, step-by-step System to follow.

Why is it so hard? Because what you are attempting to do is change your mindset with the same mindset that you currently have. You know that you have an F.A.T. Mindset if you have an overweight body you are unhappy with.

What is F.A.T.? Fear Attracting Thoughts. That Mindset will create an overweight, unhealthy, feel-bad body every time!

What you need to make it easy to get a weight loss mindset is several things, one being objectivity.

FACT: You cannot be objective about your own “stuff”. It’s impossible to give yourself a good haircut!

When you work with a highly skilled permanent weight loss coach who already has a proven, step-by-step System to get a weight loss mindset (and therefore get struggle-free, permanent weight loss!) then all you need to do is follow the steps!

Another reason it is so hard to get a weight loss mindset all by yourself is because you must change the foundation of your Inner Self, which means you must shift your beliefs so that they are in alignment with the body you crave.

Once your beliefs support and empower you in creating the body of your dreams then it’s easy for you to take consistent healthy actions to get that body.

Empowering beliefs are an essential piece of the weight loss mindset puzzle. Changing them on your own though, will make it hard to get a weight loss mindset, not only because it will take a very long time but also because you cannot be objective with yourself.

No one can be objective with themselves, which is why all of the high achievers have their own coaches and mentors. This is true for all areas of life, whether business, personal development, or weight management.

To take the easiest route to a weight loss mindset your first step is to apply for a complimentary Weight Loss Discovery Session. This is for you if you are Serious about leaving your ongoing struggles with food and weight behind you, for good!

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