Get A Weight Loss Mindset with The Inner Self Diet™

Get A Weight Loss Mindset with The Inner Self Diet™

Are you feeling frustrated and down because you can’t lose weight?

Do you wonder WHY you can’t lose weight since you already have all of the healthy diet and exercise information you need to succeed? (If only you would Do It!)

Can you see that you can’t lose weight as long as you self-sabotage your weight loss, no matter how much you would like to stop the self-sabotage?

If You Can’t Lose Weight You Need A Weight Loss Mindset!

Fact: If you can’t lose weight then the missing key is a Weight Loss Mindset.

Fact: 80% of All Success is psychological. This fact applies to Lasting Weight Loss Success or any other success in life!

Fact: Weight Loss in and of itself is Very Easy. Yes! It’s truly not rocket science. BUT you must do it and do it consistently without any self-sabotage.

Therefore, the question always remains, “Why do you sabotage your weight loss?”

And then you also ask:

  • Why can’t I stop eating?
  • Why do I eat when I’m full?
  • Why am I an emotional eater?
  • Why can’t I just stick to my healthy diet?


All of these weight loss problems are rooted in your mindset, which resides in your Inner Self. However, if you already had a Weight Loss Mindset then you would stop sabotaging your weight loss.

If you had a Weight Loss Mindset then:

  • You would eat only when hungry and stop when full.
  • If you chose to follow a specific healthy eating plan, then you would follow it! Or,
  • If you chose to learn exactly how to live like a naturally slender person does, then you would do it!

Either way, if you had A Weight Loss Mindset then you would easily drop the fat and keep it off without self-sabotage. But all of that begins in your mind, (The MIND leads the Body – Always), which starts with your Inner Self. 

You MUST have a Weight Loss Mindset in order to achieve lasting success with your weight.

Lasting weight loss success, which means that you drop the fat and keep it off, without any self-sabotage (self-sabotage = struggle!).

How Do You Get A Weight Loss Mindset?

Before you ask “How do you get a Weight Loss Mindset” you must first answer the following question for yourself:

Exactly How Quickly do you want to create a Weight Loss Mindset so that you can drop the fat in the least amount of time possible, and keep it off?

Your answer to that question will then determine the answer to your question of HOW do you get a Weight Loss Mindset, for there are two options – the slow route to A Weight Loss Mindset, or the fastest (and best!) route.

Option #1 – The slow route to A Weight Loss Mindset

If your choice is the slow route to A Weight Loss Mindset then there are several things you can start with, all which involve time and collection of information. Remembering that while doing so, nothing changes until you Take Specific Action and stay consistent with that action, which is why coaching is invaluable when it includes accountability.

Note: The extended time involved in the slow route to a Weight Loss Mindset means that throughout that time your behaviors (i.e.: self-sabotage, inconsistency, overeating, etc.) that stop you from losing weight now will continue simply because you will still be living with the same mindset.

The DIY slow route to A Weight Loss Mindset:

1.) Sign up for a free subscription to my weekly ezine to learn more about the Benefits of A Weight Loss Mindset. You’ll learn just how essential A Weight Loss Mindset is if you desire Permanent Weight Loss, which brings The End of your ongoing struggles to drop the fat and keep it off. Simply enter your first name and email in the form on this page.

2.) Grab a seat in my free Weight Loss Webinar before it expires and you will learn all about The Inner Self Diet™ –  my proprietary, Proven, step-by-step System to create A Weight Loss Mindset so that you can drop the fat and keep it off.

3.) Read the hundreds of weight loss articles I have written over the years. You can find them on the Fearless Fat Loss site (Note: some are outdated as I wrote those with a different mindset) or you can read my articles on Stop Hiding Behind The Fat. Here’s a list of the Fearless Fat Loss article archives dating back to 2007 and the articles at Stop Hiding Behind The Fat.

4.) The Permanent Weight Loss Secrets ezine community stays updated on recent articles I publish, telecalls or webinars, or any other offerings available from me which lead to A Weight Loss Mindset and permanent weight loss.

5.) Once you have gathered all of the key information to create A Weight Loss Mindset you will then need to put together a very specific plan of action for yourself – a strategy for how you will create A Weight Loss Mindset so that you can easily live a healthy and fit lifestyle without any self-sabotage or struggle.

Once you have A Weight Loss Mindset it’s simple to live healthy and fit because you cannot imagine doing anything else other than living healthy and fit!

(Note: I would be remiss if I did not share with you that I struggled for over 20 years on my own attempting the DIY approach to create a Weight Loss Mindset for myself. The Results I got from that were years and years of added struggle without the Results of permanent weight loss.)

Option #2 – The Fastest (and Best!) Route to A Weight Loss Mindset:

Being the busy professional that you are you already know the value of having a specific, winning strategy already put together for you. A Proven strategy that has already worked for others before you! That way all you need to do is follow the same steps that have already helped other achieve lasting success with their weight by creating A Weight Loss Mindset, saving you loads of time, money, and wasted effort on all kinds of things that do not provide lasting results.

You want The Fastest Route to a Weight Loss Mindset because you can’t imagine wasting anymore time with a mindset that keeps sabotaging your weight loss AND:

  • You are an exceptional woman who is Serious about dropping the fat and keeping it off.
  • You choose to learn exactly how to Get A Weight Loss Mindset now because you realize how valuable your time is (time is the one thing you can Never get back once it is lost).
  • You know how valuable a Proven System is. A Proven step-by-step System that is already put together for you and has already worked for others before you!

The Fastest Route to A Weight Loss Mindset:

1.) Click here to read the feedback from the clients I have mentored.

2.) Follow the instructions on that page to take the next step towards A Weight Loss Mindset since the fastest (and best!) route to lasting success with your weight is through The Inner Self Diet™.  You will have an opportunity to apply for a one-on-one complimentary call to verify that you are Serious about creating A Weight Loss Mindset with The Inner Self Diet™ so that you can drop the fat and keep it off.

It’s so easy to lose weight once you have A Weight Loss Mindset and Your Mindset resides in your Inner Self. Of course that makes sense to you, for where else could Your Mindset possibly be?