Christmas cookiesWith Thanksgiving only a couple of days away it makes sense that you are asking, “Can I avoid holiday weight gain?!”

It especially makes sense that you’re asking this question since it is extremely common for most to gain at least 10 pounds each Holiday Season! Only to make another New Years Resolution to take the weight off, which is another story in itself.

But imagine this instead: what if you never again made a New Years Resolution to lose weight, because you did not need to?! Wow, what would THAT be like?

Can I Avoid Holiday Weight Gain?

YES! You absolutely can avoid Holiday Weight gain. In fact I did it myself two years ago during my holiday season without weight gain and have ever since!

But there is this very important key factor which must be in place first: You must already have a weight loss mindset in order to avoid Holiday Weight Gain and continue to lose weight during the Holiday Season.

Or, if you are already living IN your ideal body then you must have a Fit Mindset in order to maintain your weight loss and avoid Holiday weight gain. (A Fit Mindset follows a weight loss mindset, since of course you won’t want to continue to lose weight once you reach your ideal body weight!)

Another key, which makes it very easy to maintain your weight and avoid Holiday weight gain is having the proper mindset tools to use at any time you need them. Just like my permanent weight loss coaching clients use daily to work out their MIND before they workout their body without struggle. They also use their Inner Self Tools daily to feed their Mind before feeding their body, making their weight loss struggle-free.

Why? Because by maintaining the most important “muscle” in their body (their Mind) they then have a very easy time of either continuing to lose weight (like Laura who has already lost over 10 pounds struggle-free and has just a few more to release) or to maintain their weight like Dave who has lost 90 pounds without struggle.

When you have the Inner Self Tools that work to give you the Results you seek in your Mind so that your body can follow with ease then it’s easy to lose weight, no matter what time of year. Without deprivation, willpower, or struggle.

NOTE: The Inner Self Tools are the empowering real-world ingredients of my proprietary, proven, step-by-step system The Inner Self Diet™. The Key to a Weight Loss Mindset.

Oh, yes! A weight loss mindset provides the outcome of struggle-free permanent weight loss.

And finally, you can definitely avoid Holiday weight gain with ease if you are already a naturally slender person on the inside, which might mean that you are already slender and fit on the outside!

Being a naturally slender person on the inside means that you have a weight loss mindset if you are still losing weight to get to your ideal body size, or you have a Fit Mindset if your body is your ideal. A Fit Mindset maintains your ideal body with ease.

Want a Weight Loss Mindset Today?

While it’s true that if you do not already have a weight loss mindset then you will most certainly have a challenge avoiding holiday weight gain, it’s also true that it does take specific action in order to get a weight loss mindset. Which makes sense why it does not happen overnight.

Why? Because for the 10, 20, 30 or more years that you have been struggling with your weight you have been building an F.A.T. Mindset, and to replace that with a weight loss mindset will take some very specific action!

The good news is it doesn’t have to take 30 years to turn around an F.A.T. Mindset so that you can have a weight loss mindset! (and eventually a Fit Mindset!)

To quickly get a weight loss mindset it’s very simple: Simply do the same steps that others who have achieved struggle-free weight loss have done before you!

Just like my inspiring permanent weight loss coaching clients who have already learned exactly how to keep feeding their weight loss mindset before they feed their body. So that they continue to allow the fat to drop off, and stay off.

Your First Step

To take the first step towards a weight loss mindset click here to apply for a complimentary Weight Loss Discovery Session. Your first step towards a weight loss mindset so that you can finally make weight loss easy for yourself!