Overweight Because Unhappy | FearlessFatLoss.comAre you unhappy because you’re overweight, or are you overweight because you are unhappy? Hmm… good question, isn’t it!

So… you’re unhappy about being overweight, right? But is it really true that your weight issues are the root of your unhappiness?

Could it be that the reason you are overweight is because you have a habit of being unhappy?

What if your overweight is only a Symptom of your unhappiness?

Unhappy Because You’re Overweight or Overweight Because You Are Unhappy?

Here’s what the majority of the overweight or obese on the planet think: You think that you are unhappy Because you are overweight.

Here’s the Truth: You are overweight Because You Are Unhappy.

Yes! It’s true! Your overweight is only a SYMPTOM of the underlying thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that you consistently carry with you on the inside. Your extra fat is a result of your Inner Self, which can also be termed as your mindset.

This is why dieting has never worked for you long term. Because you have attempted to fix a problem with a solution that never addresses the Real Problem.

What does this mean? This means that you are using a solution (a diet and/or exercise program) to fix what you think the problem is (your overweight) when the truth is that your Problem is your Mindset, which is a collection of what you ARE on the inside.

A food diet cannot fix your Inner Self, which is where the Real Problem is. However, what’s really exciting about this news is that once you DO heal your Inner Self, then it’s easy to do what you need to do on the outside to release that excess physical fat! And really, that’s all you want, isn’t it – Easy Weight Loss!

Easy weight loss is the Result of healing your Inner Self which is where your problem has always been. It’s whatever stories, beliefs, thoughts and emotions that you have created on the inside of you that drives your overweight behaviors on the outside.

Once you heal all of that “stuff” on the inside of you, replacing it with a weight loss mindset, then it will be so easy to live a healthy lifestyle (and therefore, drop the fat!) that you will ask yourself WHY you didn’t heal your Inner Self 20 years ago!

The Real Solution For Your Overweight and Overeating

The only Real Solution to cure your overeating and your overweight once and for all is to go about it from the inside out. You must heal your Inner Self and learn new ways of living on your Inside so that it’s easy for you to live a healthy lifestyle on the outside.

Your Mind leads your body. There is nothing you can do to change this fact. This is why successful weight loss that lasts is 90% mindset. Only 10% is about healthy eating and exercise. Because your mindset is 90% of the challenge, this is why when you have a Fat Mindset that it feels nearly impossible to live healthy and fit consistently. Sure you can do it for a couple of days, maybe even a couple of weeks or months! But you always rubber band back to where you started, and the weight quickly follows.

This is because you only attacked your Outside, which is only the Symptom of what you have going on on the Inside. Heal your Inner Self first and get a weight loss mindset and then it will be easy to lose weight on the outside.

This is the most important work of all and it’s why I am a weight loss mindset expert. I work with my exclusive coaching clients in The Inner Self Diet to give them all of the Inner Self Tools they need to step into their own power and make weight loss easy for themselves, by undergoing a core transformation.

Not a core abs transformation but a core mindset transformation. And then, if they want to workout their abs, it will be easy for them to stick to their routine! Because they will have the Mindset for it – that is Ninety Percent of the “battle” right there.

If you would love to end your struggle with your weight and if you would love to stop asking yourself, “Why am I so smart and successful but I still can’t succeed with my weight??” then click here to apply for a complimentary weight loss discovery session. It’s your first step towards finding out if The Inner Self Diet is a good fit (or not) and it’s the same first step that all of the Graduates of The Inner Self Diet took!

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