Fat Cat | Fearless Fat LossDo you want to lose weight but every time you diet, it doesn’t work for you?

What if it could all become easy? What if you could become a naturally slender person instead of an “I’ve gotta do another diet” person?

How would you feel if you could end your back and forth struggles with your weight? If you could put an end to your emotional eating, late night bingeing, and neverending Monday morning forced dieting?

Good News! You can end the struggle and get your diet to work, and it most likely makes sense to you that this means you’ll need to end your emotional eating and self-sabotaging ways. Because as long as you have that going on, then how could any diet work for you?

3 Ways To Get Your Diet to Work

Let’s look at three ways to get your diet to work. One way that you have heard hundreds of times before is to pick a healthy eating plan that is a lifestyle, not a diet. Pretty simple, yes?

But since you already know this, why aren’t you able to Do It? Why do you still binge eat, overeat, engage in emotional eating and self-sabotage? For if you did not do any of these things, then the healthy eating plan would work for you, wouldn’t it.

If you want the Real Solution to end your food and weight struggles you need to become a naturally slender person. This only occurs from the inside out, if you want to live struggle-free with food and your weight. So, the second way to get your diet to work is to not diet, but instead become naturally slender.

But how do you do that? Especially since naturally slender people are just like that….naturally? I mean, if you were to walk up to a naturally slender person today and ask them “How do you do it? How do you get your diet to work?” they’d look a little confused because they live as they do because it’s who they are.

They would not think of putting food in their body when they are not physically hungry. They enjoy regular exercise. And if they really want a cookie they have one, but it’s not a big deal, nor are cookies their every meal.

So then how do you become this? You must get a weight loss mindset. Why? Because mindset is 90% of the game of lasting success with your weight. Diet and exercise (the “How To”, the Skill) counts for only 10%.

But how can that be? Especially since over ninety percent of what you see in the weight loss industry is all about the diet and exercise?

Well, if that were the final answer, then why is anyone overweight? Why doesn’t everyone Just DO It? What is stopping you from feeding your body healthy foods consistently? What is stopping you from exercising your body consistently?

What exactly is holding you back from living a healthy, fit lifestyle?

What is stopping you is your mindset. Mindset is 90% of the game of success, in ANY area of life. It is especially evident when it comes to the area of your weight (since everyone can see those results on your body).

A First Step

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