3 Fears Keeping You Fat at FearlessFatLoss.comCould Fear be keeping you fat?

Absolutely. Without a doubt!

You see, when you get right down to it, there are only two spaces that your actions originate from: the space of Fear or the space of Love.

That’s it!

When you continue to struggle with overeating and overweight, what is your best guess which space your actions are originating from? If you’re not sure, here’s a hint:

If your actions for yourself and your body were originating from the space of Love, then do you think you would be binge eating, emotional eating and/or engaging in self-sabotage of your healthy weight loss efforts?

Where would the problem be since there cannot BE a problem when you are taking action from space of Love?

Your Mindset Is Fat

If you live in struggle with food, overeating and overweight then your mindset is fat. Specifically, your mindset is F.A.T. This is a mindset grounded in Fear Attracting Thoughts and your mindset matches the physical fat on your body. In fact, here’s something that cannot be changed: The inner and the outer always match. Always! You cannot change this fact but what you CAN do is change your inside to match the fit, healthy, sexy fearless body you desire on the outside!

3 Fears That Are Keeping You Fat

Let’s take a look at 3 fears that are keeping you fat.

1.) The Fear of Food. When you live in fear of any food, thinking thoughts like “I can’t eat that, it will make me fat!” or “It’s the holidays, I can’t control my eating, I know I’ll gain 15 pounds!” then what you are doing is growing more fear within yourself. Your fear prevents any sort of healthy relationship with food and as long as your relationship with food is unhealthy, based on fear, you cannot lose weight and keep it off.

What you need to do is focus 90% of your action on cleaning up your relationship with food and then 10% of your action on eating clean! The majority of the population has this equation completely backwards.

2.) The Fear of Not Being Perfect. One thing that those with diet mentality do is they strive for perfection in their daily eating and exercise routine. The problem with this is when they are not perfect, they beat themselves up, feel bad, and then eat everything in site because they weren’t perfect!

Perfectionism is a way to derail your weight loss progress and keep yourself taking five steps backwards with only one step forward. Living in fear of not being perfect and then sabotaging your weight loss when you’re not perfect due to that date, vacation, or birthday is not a way to live a healthy lifestyle.

The solution is to change your mindset at a core level so that you learn how to think like a naturally slender person and therefore you will behave like a naturally slender person, which means you will no longer be hung up on perfectionism!

3.) The Fear of Asking For Help. This is one of the biggest roadblocks to permanent weight loss: The fear of asking for, accepting, and hiring a professional weight loss coach to help you release your fears and achieve permanent weight loss.

Those who think they can “do it alone” or that they SHOULD be able to “figure it out on their own” are still struggling with their fears, and their fat.

Why? Because you don’t know what you don’t know. How do you know this is true? Just look at your Results. If you could have released your fears along with the fat, done it without struggling and kept it off, then you would have already done it, wouldn’t you?!

Of course you would have. Why not? The beauty of hiring a highly skilled permanent weight loss coach is that you will gain the objectivity of a pro who can see your blind spots that you cannot see, and then give you the steps to move beyond them. To lose weight, keep it off, and Feel Great.

Is Fear Keeping You Fat?

So, to sum up, is fear keeping you fat? You know that it is if you are struggling to lose weight and keep it off, because if you were not operating from the energy of fear, then you would be coming from the space of love, and if that were the case, you’d have no struggle with your weight!

In the end, those are the only two, bottom-line spaces you take action from: either the space of fear, or the space of love. You wouldn’t be reading this if you were taking action for yourself and your body each day from the space of love. What would that be like for you? If you could finally put the fears behind you and step into LOVE for yourself, for your body, and even for food? Which means, a healthy love for food, rather than an unhealthy obsessive “love” (obsession is not love).

To take action towards permanent weight loss for YOU today, your first step is to click here and apply for a complimentary weight loss discovery session. This is for you if you’d love to stop asking yourself,”Why am I so smart and successful but I can’t lose weight and keep it off?!”

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