Is persistence really what’s it all about when it comes to weight loss?

It’s so interesting to me how my views have been changing with the massive personal growth that I’ve been undergoing, personal growth that I haven’t really detailed here at The Fit Shack but suffice it to say that I’ve been focused on raising my level of consciousness and also have been focused on minding my emotions – dropping what doesn’t feel good and focusing on what does.

Today’s thought though, is that while I still believe in persistence I see it in a different way than I used to.

Persistence or Struggle?

There is such a difference between a general persistence with life and expanding your awareness, between that and forcing yourself to do something. I’ve done this before: persisted in forcing myself to eat healthy foods and exercise. Well I’m not forcing myself to do either anymore and guess what? I’m eating healthy foods, losing weight, and I’m not struggling one iota. I’m not forcing myself at all.

The only “persistence” I’ve taken has been in changing my focus, my thoughts, and therefore my emotions (your thoughts lead to emotions). I’m not persisting in forcing myself to eat better though because I don’t need to do that anymore like I’ve done for so much of my life. Pretty neat if I don’t say so myself.

I Will Persist Until I Succeed!

I was inspired to write this post after picking up a book of mine that I’ve had for years, The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino, and seeing what I had so long ago on the first page.

I wrote, “I Will Persist Until I Succeed!!!” above the same phrase typed on the first line on that page. Well if you’re persisting with something for an extended amount of time and it’s not working out then you are struggling and this means you are going against your own flow, and that’s neither fun nor easy!

I love the new awarenesses that I’ve had about this topic and how I can see (and am living it) that it’s so not about forcing or struggling for anything in life, which applies to any and all topics in your life (yes, including weight loss 😉 ).

If you feel like you’re forcing yourself to lose weight and making yourself persist and struggle to do it then you’re missing a very important piece of the puzzle. You will not be able to maintain your weight loss long term with force….just something to ponder as this may be why you have lost and regained weight over and over throughout your life.

I know that was the case for me but I’ve found my way out of it. I’ll put a post together on that soon to share with you a really neat story of how I clearly saw that I’m no longer forcing myself to take healthy action. It’s all very cool to be living it and my wish is that you experience the same joy and ease in your journey of health and fitness.