How are you feeling today, at the exact weight that you are right now? Can you find happiness in exactly how you are at this very moment?

Thoughts For the Day

You are where you are and that’s OK – Abraham-Hicks

I am enough. All is well – Louise L. Hay

It is a common theme that you will find in all of the prominent personal growth and self-improvement works – accepting where you are at and making peace with it. When you can do this and also be happy with where you at this very moment then you have a very powerful foundation from which to move forward and effect change in your life.

What If You’re NOT Happy?

So what if you’re reading this thinking, “JoLynn, I cannot relate at all because I’m so unhappy with my weight!” Well, that’s why I’m writing this post. And the answer is similiar to one of the posts I wrote last week about gratitude – instead of focusing on your weight because at this moment you don’t have happy feelings about it why not focus on what is working in your life? Focus on what you feel good about, on what is working for you, and also on everything about yourself that you do like.

You might have noticed that I haven’t given you an update on my personal progress with my own journey in conscious fitness lately, and there’s a reason for that – I just haven’t felt like it! 😉

LOL, it’s not only that I haven’t felt like it, it’s more because what I’ve been doing is being in a space where I’m OK with where I am at today. Why would I do this? Because I’m no longer interested in going back and forth with my weight like I have in years past and after losing 20 pounds this year I took the route of being OK with just where I’m at before moving on to my goal.

The thing is, if you can be OK with where you are today and then take the action to get the “fitter you” that you desire, then you are acting out of a space of desire rather than fear, competition, guilt, or some other negative emotion or motivation. When you take action because you are inspired and excited to act you are in a much higher rate of vibration than when you act out of fear or hatred (hating your body or your fat perhaps?). Inspired action will get you positive results – forced action will only last for so long.

Nope, This Is NOT About Giving Up

Being happy where you are right now does not equal giving up but it does involve a state of surrender. The more you can surrender to where you are now, come into peace with your current physical state and love yourself exactly as you are you will not only be happier you will also be able to drop the negativity that is keeping you stuck. This doesn’t mean that you won’t become the fitter you that you desire to be, it simply means being OK with where you’re at because this is all you’ve got – right now.