American FlagWhether you live in America or not you are aware that we have experienced a major, exciting shift in the United States with yesterday’s presidential election of Senator Barack Obama.

Now this post isn’t about politics but it is about president elect Obama’s inspirational message of change. Today’s topic is about how we can apply that excitement and hope of change to your personal life goals. After all, you really only have control over your own life, no one else’s, and change always starts at home. 😉

Are You Ready for a Change?

Change is one thing in life that is guaranteed. You can try to stop it but you’ll only end up stuck and going against the flow of your life. Change is constant, change is exciting, change can be scary, but change is life.

When we look at the topic of your health and fitness goals you’re either in the process of change that is leading you towards more energy, strength, vitality, happiness, and fitness or you are moving towards lethargy, weakness, overweight, stiffness, pain, unhappiness, and dis-ease.

You might think that if you do not change and institute healthy habits today that you can maintain the status quo of where you are at currently. Even if you’re not happy being overweight you might tell yourself that it’s not that bad, that it could be a lot worse, that maybe later you will “get it together and get motivated” and that you won’t get “worse” but will stay as you are.

The thing is that habits compound on top of each other and if you continue with unhealthy habits you are making unhealthy deposits into your future and creating unhealthy changes in your body. These changes, the outcomes of your unhealthy habits will continue to “expand” and multiply and effect other parts of the body – this isn’t just about overweight and obesity, it’s about having a healthy body, a strong body, and a strong, positive mind and spirit. You cannot have this if you continue unhealthy eating and exercise habits.

Change Begins Where You Are

Does this all sound too depressing to you? Good! This is what happened right before our election, things got worse and the public grabbed ahold of the promise of change for the good, change for the better.

When you decide to take that step and make healthy changes in your life it’s often when things get so bad that you finally get totally honest with yourself and wake up. You see that you are the only one responsible for where you are today and if you’re not happy with it then you are the one who needs to make a change.

This isn’t meant to be a time of self-criticizm but instead a time of awareness, self-responsibility, and self-honesty. It’s about stepping up to the plate, claiming your personal power, and making changes for the better.

It doesn’t mean that it’s always going to be easy, just like the changes ahead for our country may not be easy but if your intentions are to get healthy and fit and you remain honest with yourself every day then you can get there, you can lose the weight, increase your muscle tone and energy level, and you can increase your passion for life.

What’s the Change You’re Ready To Make?

So what change are you ready to make today? What change are you taking action on today? Are you replacing soda with water? Are you walking 15 minutes today and committing to do it for the next 21 days? Are you throwing out that Halloween candy, adding fresh fruit and veggies to your diet, and feeding your mind with positive thoughts?

Leave a comment to share what you’re doing to make change in your life today, and if you’re having trouble making the changes you want to you could think of it in the perspective that the more you do to improve you, the more you do to improve the world.

Everyone benefits when you allow your brilliant, healthy light to shine.