What do you do differently when you’re motivated take care of yourself and lose weight? Do you think, act, and talk differently? I bet that you do, I do, too!

I recently read a post by Peter in which he listed 4 attributes (or actions) he exhibits when he is motivated: waking early in the morning, being proactive, being persistent, and living with high energy. While he wasn’t writing about motivating himself to lose weight, each of these actions are common in a motivated individual.

I can completely relate to his actions, although I am still working on waking early on those days when I don’t need to. 😉 When I am motivated though, I definitely have high energy, and because I’m thinking positively and without doubts, I don’t have a problem persisting and being proactive. In fact, I must be proactive and plan in order to ensure that I have healthy meals prepared and ready to go in the frig in order to stick with my healthy eating plan. If I don’t do so, I can easily trip myself up in that danger zone of getting overly hungry because I don’t have healthy food right there, ready to eat!

Additionally, Peter relates that before he brought himself into that motivated space, he was actually in a rut. How did he pull himself out of it? By having fun, and doing some manual labor. I can relate to both of these: if you’re not having fun it’s pretty hard to get motivated to accomplish the goals that are important to you (we’re talking about losing weight and shaping up, here!), and I can always use home improvements and yard work to get me motivated to do more to accomplish my other goals.

I believe that the main difference you will find in how you act when you’re motivated vs. when you aren’t all comes back to your thoughts. When you’re motivated to lose weight, you’re thinking positive thoughts; you are hopeful, and expect the best outcome from your efforts. When you’re not motivated, your lack of action is driven by negative thinking, thinking that it doesn’t matter what you do, you cannot lose weight, or that you cannot do what it takes to lose weight.

So what about you? How do you act when you’re motivated, and how does this differ from how you act when you aren’t motivated? Do you have any special keys to motivating yourself that you’d like to share? I’d love to hear your experience in a comment, and when you’re done, head on over and read Peter’s post. I think you’ll find it helpful for a boost of motivation! 🙂