Do you wish for instant weight loss? Would you like to go to bed tonight and wake up tomorrow morning instantly transformed, thin and trim? I used to want that myself, but unless you opt for surgery (no thanks, too dangerous for me!), weight loss isn’t instantaneous.

Today I wouldn’t even want instant weight loss, because if you change your body so drastically, what about your mind? Your mind is what got you overweight in the first place. Physical addiction aside, it has been your thoughts that motivated you to overeat, whether or emotions, habit, or self-destructive thinking. Everything in your life originates in your thoughts, and it is your past thoughts that created your reality today.

This isn’t something to feel bad about, you might not have even been conscious of this until now, however once you are aware that everything begins with your thoughts, this awareness puts the power in your court, since you have the control to change your thoughts.

You can lose weight, and you can reach your goal. You can also maintain your loss once you reach it, if you have made healthy lifestyle changes, rather than going the short term dieting route. It all will happen and the weight will come off, one step at a time. When you think about, this is a good thing, because (hopefully) you are working on changing your thoughts at the same time you are taking physical action to change your body, and this all takes time. 😉

Success Is Attained One Step At A Time
©2006 by Max Steingart

There is no sudden leap to greatness.
Your success lies in doing, day by day.
Your upward reach comes from working well and carefully.

Good work done little by little becomes great work.
Your house of success will be built brick by brick.

Adopt the pace of nature.
The secret is patience.
A bottle fills drop by drop.