Are you a movie watcher? Isn’t it a bonus when you can watch a movie, and at the same time, gain life motivation from it?

Recently I recommended another movie to you, which was the first time that I had used a movie for the topic of motivation. Remember, I’ll take motivation and inspiration wherever I can find it! 😉

Today I want to share one of my favorite movies of all time with you: Strictly Ballroom. As the title suggests, it is about ballroom dancing, it’s not about weight loss. So why do I find it so motivating? Because it’s all about fear, and more specifically, about not letting fears stop you from following your dreams.

The theme that I see in this movie is “go for your dream, do not allow fear to hold you back or stop you”. I find a lot of power and inspiration in this movie, especially the ending, because I can relate to the times that I’ve allowed fear to hold me back from taking action in my life. By watching Strictly Ballroom, I feel very motivated to push through any fears and do what I need to do to accomplish my goals.

So how does this relate to the topic of health and weight management? Weight loss can represent much more to you than shedding pounds from your body. It can represent a whole new life, increased self-confidence, a new social life, even a better job opportunity.

When you think about all of the life changes that weight loss represents to you personally, this could certainly bring up fear in you. Even though you would think that the changes that you are expecting (whether they are realistic or not) are positive, they are still new changes, and change can be scary for many people.

If you watch Strictly Ballroom and interpret it the same way that I do, it can give you some motivation to get moving and take those actions that you haven’t taken because of fear. This is your life, and if you want to change it, improve your health, and create a healthy lifestyle, now is the time to do it. Don’t let your fears hold you back; go for what you want. You can create the lifestyle that you want, which includes a fit, healthy body.

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