There are no secrets to success. – Colin Powell

I find it highly motivating to remember that I have the power to lose weight. There is no “secret” to weight loss.

It doesn’t reside in a bottle of diet pills, a new fad diet, or even in the pages of a glossy magazine.

The power to lose weight is within my hands, just as it is in yours, and both you and I can either choose to take the necessary action, or not.

It is possible that in order to obtain the best (and healthiest) results, you may need to choose a healthier weight loss plan, or more effective exercises, however it still comes back to the fact that losing weight isn’t a secret. It takes commitment, exercise, making healthy choices in the food that you eat, and paying attention to your body, i.e.: eating only when you are hungry and stopping when you are full.

Yes, you need to drink an abundance of water (I drink a standard of 100 oz. a day, sometimes a little more), you need to exercise (walking is what I enjoy for cardio), and you need to change your eating habits. You must become aware of whether or not you are addicted to certain foods (sugar is a big one), and if so, eliminate those foods from your diet. Remember, if you can currently eat sugared foods in moderation, then you probably aren’t overweight to begin with.

Losing weight takes being honest with yourself, committing to action, making some goals for yourself (think about where you want to be a year from now), and following through. You may not see immediate results, but if you persist and take daily steps for your health, you will eventually get there.

I must caution you though, it’s the “getting there” that is often the easiest; it’s staying there that takes work. Perhaps that’s the secret to lasting weight loss success. 😉