The secret of creating anything desired: Get happy! – Abraham-Hicks

How motivated would you be to change if you were happy right now? I’ve found that how I am feeling makes all the difference in the world to how motivated I am. But how do you get happy and motivated to make those changes, get healthy, fit, and lose weight if you’re feeling negative today?

The best way that I can describe how to do this is with the conscious act of choosing a different thought. I learned this from Louise L. Hay, and it is one point that really stands out for me on her “I Can Do It” CD (it comes with her book of the same name) that I’ve been listening to lately.

You always have the choice to pick a better thought, a happier thought, and when I do this, I am much more motivated to do all sorts of things that I want to get done.

It might sound backwards to you, that I suggest you get happy now instead of becoming happy after you lose weight, or reach any other goal that you have set for yourself, but the easiest way to allow the good to flow into your life is by feeling good. Besides the metaphysical side of things, why wait until you lose weight to be happy when you can choose happier thoughts now? Why hinge how you feel on a number on the scale?

Yes, I definitely understand how it feels to be overweight, and getting fed up with yourself can be a great motivator. I’m not saying that you are happy about being overweight, however the more positive that you can keep your thoughts about yourself and life, the more motivated you will be to do good things for yourself. Choose a happier thought right now, and see how it feels.