Do you play chess? Or, do you play any kind of board game? Well, your weight loss progress is much like a game; the next move is yours, actually, it’s always your move!

You have the choice of which way to go, which food you will choose to eat, and whether or not you will take action and go for a walk or do some strength training. Whatever your choices are today, they will be reflected on the scale and in how your clothes fit tomorrow. Sometimes you can feel the effect of your choices immediately, especially in how your clothes fit, and especially in how your gut, your digestion feels.

Since the next move is yours and it’s always your choice, this means that you always have another chance to make a better choice, a healthier choice. You don’t have to wait until tomorrow or next week, instead you can choose the next time you are hungry. In fact, that’s a simple yet wonderful choice to start with – instead of choosing to eat when you aren’t hungry, choose to wait until you are. 😉

The next move is yours, make it a healthy one!

The Next Move Is Always Yours