I can gain so much inspiration simply from viewing a brilliant photo. The beauty I find in the photo inspires me, as well as the talent it took to create it.

It reminds me of the unlimited potential that lies within each one of us; the potential to create greatness in our lives, regardless of what form that takes. Each one of us is unique and has the ability to add positivity to this world in our own way.

Because I find photography so inspiring, I may end up making Sunday’s motivational post centered on an inspiring photo or two that I can find to share with you. What does this have to do with weight loss? Well, for me, when I am inspired by greatness, I am reminded of what I can achieve in my life.

Whether your goal is weight loss, toning, or endurance, these goals need action in order to fulfill them. I find that I am much more inspired and motivated to take action when I feel great, and beautiful photographs help me feel great.

What about you? Go ahead and leave a comment if you’d like to give me feedback on whether you gain motivation from this, also.

DSCN0545 Hedley Wildflower Garden with Azaleas and Dogwoods