All of the different ways that I offer for your weight loss motivation here at Fearless Fat Loss are meant to spark something in you that you can use in your life.

There really isn’t “just one way” to get and stay motivated, although some ways are more positive and easier to use than others.

I have written about what I think are some reasons not to lose weight, however it is very possible that you could start out losing weight for a reason that isn’t for yourself that could turn into a self-motivation to lose weight.

How could this happen? Let’s say that you start out losing weight for another person. If you stick with using the other person as your motivator to lose weight (you want to gain their interest or get them back), you are hinging your actions on that other person. The problem with this motivator is that you cannot control what will happen outside of yourself, only what is inside of yourself, and that person could end up changing, leaving, staying, or any variation of outcomes.

Even though you started out with the other person as your motivation, what if you lost 10 pounds during the process and now you can fit into one size smaller in pants? You start looking at yourself in the mirror more often, and you become extremely motivated by your initial success. If you are losing weight with a healthy plan of eating and exercise, you also gain motivation from your increase in energy.

So here you are, feeling great about your success so far, and then you decide that you deserve to get healthy and shape up for yourself, rather than an outside person. Your initial weight loss success has given you the gift of self-motivation, and you realize that if you could get this far, then you could actually do more, and reach your goal! 😉

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Whether you experience weight loss success by being initially motivated for positive, self-focused reasons, or for reasons that are outside of yourself, once you have a little bit of that success, you can always end up committing to health and weight loss for yourself. Success truly does breed success, and the more success you have, the stronger your motivation to continue will be!

Success Breeds Success in Weight Loss