Have you been watching So You Think You Can Dance? This is another show that I’ve gotten into that I find to be very motivating. The dancers are incredible, and maybe it’s the choreography and the different styles of dancing, but I enjoy it more than Dancing With The Stars.

I was watching the show while I was on the treadmill last night and it kept me going. I do find the reality shows that involve dancing very motivating, and a main reason is because I’ve always wanted to have the type of body that a strong dancer has, as opposed to having a body builder type of body. I like the sleekness while at the same time the strength of dancers, and as it is, I love stretching exercises.

I really like that most of the dancers are strong, and not just thin and skinny. After all, if you lose weight and only look like a thinner version of your overweight self, that’s not a stellar result. 😉 This is what happens if you apply only diet and do not include exercise (both cardio and strength training) during weight loss.

If you haven’t checked out So You Think You Can Dance? yet, it’s on again tonight on Fox, 9pm, EST. If you watch it, leave a comment to share if you also gain motivation to shape up from it! 😀

So You Think You Can Dance? – A Motivating Must See!