So you may be asking, “just who is ShoeMoney“, and “how did he lose 240 pounds”?

Well, Jeremy Shoemaker, a.k.a. ShoeMoney, is a highly successful blogger who shares his knowledge with you on his blog ShoeMoney (of course 😉 ). I found Jeremy’s post through Wendy Piersall’s inspirational post (if you haven’t read it yet, please do!) that I wrote about yesterday.

Jeremy’s post is very inspirational also, and the inspiration goes much further than his weight loss, impressive as it is. You see, Jeremy used to weigh 420 pounds when he was only 28 years old. He opted to have duodenal switch surgery and ended up losing 240 pounds in 10 months.

I actually am not someone who advocates surgery for weight loss, however I also have never experienced what Jeremy has. While I do know what it is like to have an unhealthy relationship with food that infiltrates every part of my life (just one example here), I do not know what it is like to weigh over 250 pounds, the weight that I, being 5’4″ would need to weigh in order to be a candidate for bariatric surgery (this is a different surgery than what Jeremy had). There are severe health problems that morbidly obese people face, not to mention the psychological ramifications, and for some people, surgery is what they choose.

As I mentioned, Jeremy’s inspiration is found beyond his accomplishment of weight loss and extends to his health in general. In his article, he remembers how his life used to consist of video games, pizza, a 12 pack of soda, and 2 pack of cigarettes a day. He writes of how he had no regard for his health, that he would procrastinate endlessly, and his self-worth was quite low.

Now that you’ve heard about where Jeremy came from, wouldn’t you like to know where he ended up? Jeremy Shoemaker successfully quit smoking, got married, lifted himself out of $250,000.00 of debt, lost 240 pounds, made his health a priority after the birth of his daughter, began (and continues) an intense weight training program, takes action when he initially thinks about doing something, and has become one of the most successful online entrepreneurs of today.

I found his story an excellent topic for today’s daily motivation. As I’ve mentioned before, I love success stories since they are naturally motivating and have the ability to inspire others to greatness. I sincerely hope that you read Jeremy’s post as it includes all of his details, as well as links to his post on his surgery, and before and after photos. I think that you will find a great deal of motivation regarding both your health and life in general by reading his story.