My best relationship is the one I have with me – Louise L. Hay

You’ve probably heard this before: “be your own best friend”. It may sound simple, but in my experience, it is not always easy.

How do you treat your friends? If they make a mistake, do you barrage them with negatives?

Do you tell them that they may as well give up, that they will never reach their goal; they will never get it done? I bet you don’t, otherwise they wouldn’t be your friends anymore.

What about how you talk to yourself? If you regain some of the weight that you previously worked so hard to lose, do you sit in your own negativity for weeks, months, or even years, regretting that you regained? Do you continue to put yourself down for your actions? I propose that when you dump negatives on yourself in the form of your self-talk, your thoughts, that you are not being your own best friend.

I keep coming back to the basic premise that your thoughts are either what will keep you motivated to lose weight, or will bring you down. Our thoughts are where everything begins. If you can think the same kinds of thoughts about yourself that you would think about your best friend, you will be in a much better position for maintaining your motivation to lose weight.

For example, if you did not do so well with your food yesterday, and you were your own best friend, wouldn’t you say something like “it was only one day, or one slip up; just get back on track now and you will be fine”? If instead, you berate yourself for the slip, how could you possibly have a high level of motivation to eat healthily for the rest of the day, or even work out?

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Start today by thinking the same gentle, forgiving, positive thoughts about yourself just like you do about your best friend. It does not matter where you are at right now, or just how bad things have become. I bet that you can find at least one thing that you really like about yourself.

Focus on that to begin thinking positive thoughts about you. If you continue and keep your thoughts about yourself positive, gentle, and loving, before you know it, you will be your own best friend, and your motivation level will soar.

Release Negative Self-Talk to Gain Motivation