I let go of all negativity that rests in my body and mind. ~ Louise L. Hay

Are you holding negativity, not only in your mind, but also in your body? If you believe as I do that the mind and body are connected instead of being separate entities, then you understand that your body is directly influenced by negative thinking.

For ultimate health and well-being, it is important to clean up those negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. If you want to lose weight, but continually think negatively about yourself for gaining weight, you will have a tough time moving past the negative space you are in until you change those thoughts. You can take action and force yourself to diet and exercise, however if you keep your negative mind-set, it’s likely that you will slip back into your previous lifestyle and weight.

It is possible to take physical action and change your thoughts along the way, however it is extremely important that you let go of the negativity and change your way of thinking if you want to maintain the weight loss and fitness you achieve through physical action.

Whether you take physical action and change your lifestyle before or after you change your thoughts, it is vital that you change your thoughts since your thoughts are what will continue to create your reality. If you continue to think negatively about yourself and your body, you will end up regaining the weight you have lost if you have the habit of eating emotionally (using food to feel better).

Negative thinking will create negative, low emotions, which will lead you to food to feel better. This can lead you into a cycle of eating, negative thinking, and weight gain, which can put you right back where you started. On the other hand, positive thinking will lead to positive action.