Motivation is a key component in weight loss and fitness plans.

I myself, have experienced ups and downs in my level of motivation and have found that if I read positive and inspirational material each day, then I have fewer lulls in my motivation.

I do this by reading books, inspirational quotes, emails that I receive from The Daily Guru, and newsletters. I scour the web to find excellent motivational pieces written by my fellow bloggers, and sometimes I find motivational thoughts on television or in movies.

Everything that I find may not have been written with the thought of weight loss and fitness in mind, however if it contains positive thoughts and inspires me, then I can usually apply it to this topic.

I had the thought to start a “Daily Motivation” post to share this inspirational material with you. These posts will always be found under their own category of “Daily Motivation”, and possibly under additional categories.

My intention is to provide you with these posts five to seven days a week. These will likely be shorter posts, depending on what I find, and will be in addition to my five main posts each week. I hope you enjoy them and they help you stay on track with your healthy diet and exercise goals.

Introducing Daily Motivation