I am willing to change. ~ Louise L. Hay

This is a wonderful affirmation that you can repeatedly use if you are struggling with motivating yourself to take healthy action.

If you have two sides of yourself working against each other, one wants to change your lifestyle, lose weight, eat healthy and exercise regularly, and the other side want to stay on the couch, eating when you aren’t hungry, and doesn’t want to let go of the sugar and additives, just start with this affirmation: “I am willing to change“.

Repeat it to yourself over and over in your mind, write it at least 10 times a day, and also write down the responses you hear after each affirmation (read this for more details on this technique). This will aid you in clearing out your arguments against change.

It’s easier to stay on the couch, and that processed food does taste good, but is it worth your physical well-being, weight gain, and your level of energy? Start with “I am willing to change” to get your mind and spirit geared up for a better, healthier way of life. You’ll be amazed at how much this one affirmation can help you get motivated to change.

I Am Willing To Change