When it is dark enough, you can see the stars. ~ Charles A. Beard

Have you heard of hitting your bottom? This is a term that is used in alcohol and drug addiction: the addict has to hit bottom before they are willing to get help to change. Things have to get so bad, so unbearable, but until they get to that point, they just aren’t interested in getting help.

The same could be said for the problem of overweight. You might be the type of person who will not be motivated to change until you hit your bottom, until you get so fed up with yourself and your situation, that you feel you must change your lifestyle, you just cannot go on anymore.

If you haven’t hit your bottom, then this could be the reason why you haven’t been able to get yourself motivated to change your lifestyle. Now I’m not suggesting using this as an excuse to pull out all stops and eat yourself into oblivion 😉 , but I am offering this thought as something for you to consider, something that could give you insight into where you are at today.

If you have had numerous starts and stops, eating and exercising for health, followed by unhealthy habits and back and forth, then you haven’t committed to lifelong change yet. When you hit your bottom, when you are ready to change, then you will. 😉