A sure way to kill your motivation is to eat foods that you cannot stand in order to lose weight. For example, remember that cabbage soup diet? Well, I’ll bet that many of the people who tried it could not stomach the thought of cabbage, much less cabbage soup. However, they ate it anyway because it was supposed to help them lose weight.

How long can you continue to eat food that you dislike, just for the sake of losing weight? Would you call that a lifestyle change, or a diet? What happens when you are done with a diet consisting of foods you don’t even like? Most likely you will rebel and eat an abundance of unhealthy, processed foods that taste good to you.

I think that this is a very important point – it is counter-productive to force yourself to eat foods that you don’t like for the sake of losing weight. That is without a doubt a definition of a diet, and it’s just not going to last. Does this mean that you should just stick with the additive-filled, sugar-laden processed foods that taste great, and forget trying to eat a daily diet consisting of whole, real foods? No!

There is no reason that you cannot prepare excellent tasting dishes made from whole foods using spices and herbs as your seasonings. It’s even possible to discover that you actually like foods that you didn’t like previously, since your tastes truly do change once you eliminate those processed foods from your diet. However, there will still be foods that you don’t like, and just because they’re healthy doesn’t mean that you should eat them, just because they are supposed to help you lose weight! 😉

How could you possibly maintain any sort of weight loss motivation if you dreaded your next meal? I don’t think you could hold up for very long, no matter how high your initial motivation to lose weight.

Hating the Food You Eat – A Real Motivation Killer