Have you been dreaming about making yourself over, losing weight, changing your attitude and gaining a positive outlook on life? Have you had this dream in the back of your mind for awhile now, perhaps you’re even starting to lose hope that you will ever bring it to fruition? Well, what if today, right now, you picked just one of your “new attributes” and put it in motion?

We all know that you won’t lose weight overnight, but what about instead of waiting to change everything about yourself at once, you implement just one of those changes today? For example, let’s say that one of your changes is you want to be more social. Why wait until you lose weight to do this?

You could start taking baby steps today to work on your social skills. You could set a goal to talk to 3 people at work today, ask them how they’re doing, or you could call a family member who you don’t talk to very often. Release any agenda about your conversation(s), and just focus on listening.

Or perhaps you want to increase your self-confidence. You could start by changing your thoughts about yourself and being kind, treating yourself like your own best friend. Depending on what your makeover includes, you can start today with any small step that will move you in the direction of the “you” that you want to become.

I think it’s important that you don’t wait until you lose weight to start living. The more that you can do now to move towards the person that you envision yourself becoming, while at the same time working on your weight loss goals, the happier you will be in your present moment.

Don’t wait until that big day when you reach your goal weight to suddenly become that new person. Start now with baby steps to develop those aspects of yourself that you want to change (increased self-confidence, self-esteem, positive thoughts about yourself and life, etc.) that are separate from your weight. Don’t wait on your weight to become all that you want to be!