If you are half-heartedly committed to making healthy changes in your life, you will most likely have half-hearted results. But what would be the reasons that you aren’t 100% committed to making those changes to create a healthy lifestyle and lose weight? They are positive changes, and can only benefit you, correct?

A major reason that you would not be 100% committed is because you have doubts; doubts about either your ability to succeed, your body’s ability to change and release the weight, or other doubts. If you were 100% sure of your outcome and knew that you could succeed, then you would most likely just follow the steps needed to get there.

It is important to examine the areas that you could be doubtful of, because doubt is a definite motivation killer. One doubt is bad enough, but when you have several doubts in different areas that all affect your weight loss and fitness goals, then when you come up against your old thoughts and habits, it will be more than easy to give in to them.

This post serves as an introduction to a series of posts I will write this week to examine 4 different areas that you could be harboring doubts in. Tomorrow I will begin with the doubts you could be having about your body, and its ability to change.

The goal is to weed out the doubts and replace them with belief. Since doubts are negative thoughts, I will give you some affirmations that you can use to plant belief in your mind to replace the doubts. After all, the stronger your belief, the more likely you will succeed, and in the end (or actually, the beginning!), everything comes back to your thoughts. 😉