Today is the perfect day to declare your independence from overweight. You can start by gaining your independence from the following: processed food, additives, overweight, sugar and other addictive ingredients (i.e.: flour, unhealthy fats, dairy, added salt), a sedentary lifestyle, and negative thinking. You can declare your independence from one or all, or pick your own unhealthy item or habit that you want to free yourself from.

Yesterday I wrote about Sandy who declared July 4, 2005 her personal independence day. She ended up dropping 105 pounds in just over 9 months by following the Six Week Body Makeover. That was 2 years ago. Imagine where you could be 9 months from now (April, 2008), or 2 years from now if you implement some healthy changes in your lifestyle today!

We all have to start somewhere, but today is a great day to begin because of the significance of Independence Day (in America). You can start by writing down why you want to change, why you want to lose weight, why you want to better your health.

Even if you are not be reading this on July 4, why not give today the special significance of being your own personal independence day? You can make it count and look back on this months or years from now as the day that you decided to make a change and get healthy and fit. Weight loss and fitness have to begin somewhere unless you were born into an athletic, healthy lifestyle. Today is as good a day as any to declare your independence from the unhealthy habits that lead to an overweight lifestyle.