This morning I found an inspiring story that is part of the USA Today Weight Loss Challenge titled “Former fat girl doing the Ironman has lost 160 pounds“. I found this story by way of a post by Deb, “I’m No Wonder Woman” on her blog Firm This Fanny.

This is USA Today’s fourth annual Weight Loss Challenge and their story features Bonnie Crawford who four years ago weighed 350 pounds. She began a weight loss plan, joined a gym and began walking. To date she has lost 160.2 pounds, and now participates in triathlons; how inspiring is that!

If you are inspired by success stories like I am, I invite you to check this one out. I find it very motivating to read about others who are reaching their goals, especially when they are increasing their level of physical strength and fitness. I find that for myself, the more that I focus on increasing my level of fitness attained through my cardio, stretching, and resistance training (rather than focusing on the number on the scale), the more motivated I am.

Enjoy the article!

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